Friday, January 25, 2008

Best Day of my Trip

En route home from Las Iguana's the other night I spotted an M&S at the giant Waterloo Station and headed in to buy myself a packet of Percy Pigs ... apparently one of the things South African's love best about the UK (as professed by Lopz on my comments and Nix & Hoen backed her up at dinner when I asked about it).

So after all this fuss, I obviously had to try them. I wasn't especially impressed. In fact I was handing them out at work yesterday morning - sorry guys.

Anyway, on with yesterday ... The morning provided quite a stunning realisation :) I noticed that my Stat Counter was logging a number of link thru's from the 2008 Bloggies website. They hadn't yet published the list of finalists when I checked the day before so I was excited to see this (and quietly hoping on the inside that I knew what it meant!). I did! I shrieked with joy - yes, at my desk and subsequently had to explain to those in at the UK office as early as I was that I had a blog and was now a finalist for an International Blog Award :) See the write up in the side panel for details on how you can cast your very valuable vote for me!

After that, the day couldn't be anything but good :) I tried Eat for lunch (apparently you're either an Eat person or a Pret a Manger person ... I'd say you can't tell from one meal at each). I had a very yummy Roast Aubergine with Mozzarella & Tomato Ciabatta ... toasted (which took even longer than the eating, might I add!).

After work I raced back to the Hotel to drop off my laptop and then hopped back on the tube again and headed to the British Museum. One of the guys here had organised me a free ticket (normally GBP 12) to see the Terracotta Army Exhibition. What a thrill. Aside from the niggling fear that they were going to find me out (picking up a free ticket on someone else's BM Member's card), it was spectacular.

Once I had my ticket in hand and was assured entry everything went smoothly and I spent an hour & half wandering around inside the exhibit. It was fascinating and I'm more determined than ever to head over to China to see the real thing (Not that this wasn't real, just that it was a select few on display as opposed to the 7000 standing guard)!

I was sad to hear that there were no camera's allowed in the exhibit (unlike the rest of the BM), but I guess if you're charging GBP 12 as an entry fee, you can't have pictures splash around. I must say I am thrilled to have timed my trip just right for this exhibition (still on till 6 April FYI).

And then my day just got even better ... I still had enough time after the exhibit to head over to Selfridges on Oxford Street (yes, where Eva Longoria was apparently shopping just yesterday!) and buy my coat. Yippee! This was one of the best days of my trip by far :)

I ended the evening quietly with an interesting meal at McDonalds - their menu is nothing like ours in SA. I had a Cajun Chicken Wrap with Wedges instead of Fries and a Coke Zero (wish SA would wake up to the Zero soft drinks!). And then came home to relax in a lovely hot Bubble Bath (literally, I had bubbles just above the bath rim! Who knew Shower & Bath Oil did that?)

Such a fabulous day ... And today is Friday, which means this can only get better :) Tonight I'm off to see the Cirque du Soleil Varekai performance at the Royal Albert Hall, can't wait!


akika said...

Don't we have Sprite Zero or something? I've never tried it since I'm not particularly fond of Sprite.

Marc said...

Congrats on the Bloggies. You got my vote :)
Enjoy the rest of your London Trip

Nico van Rensburg said...

enjoy the coat babe, i know i am ;)

@akika yeah, but sprite zero tastes like lemon mixed with waste water

phillygirl said...

@akika - yes, we have Sprite Zero, but here they have Coke Zero and Fanta Zero ... and it's not about whether I'd drink them or not, it's the principle of the matter :)

@marc - Thanks so much, it's appreciated!

@varen - I love this coat, it's like the best gift ever ... along with the Camera from Aus ;) You spoil me!

Jam said...

Good choice on the coat - London has the best clothes! I'm a Top Shop girl through and through.

montague said...

when i lived in London i used to LOVE percy pigs. thanks for reminding me of them. now i'm craving some...

phillygirl said...

@msmozi - Thanks, I think so too :)

@amy - Well, Isaw M&S even had Percy Pigs biscuits now ... and they have Percy Pigs & Pals, but my friends all assure me these are not as good as plain old Percy Pigs (so I can't personally imagine how bad they must be then ?!). But hey, it seems you are by far in the majority here :)

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