Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Medical License Found in Lucky Packet

So last night wasn't the night-before-I-leave-for-2-&-half-weeks I was expecting. We had to head of to Bedford Gardens Hospital because Brother Swoop had been admitted earlier in the day. (He had a quad bike accident, see here)

On Sunday at breakfast we'd heard that the shoddy doctor in Namibia hadn't done too good a job of resetting the bones in his hand and he was going in to have them checked yesterday. Turns out this "doctor" did an even worse job than expected ... Brother Swoop is going to need the bones in his hand re-broken and have pins put in. And have his collar bone re-broken and have a plate put in. On top of that, and the main reason he's been admitted and will be there till Thursday, is he had a litre of blood on his lungs that needed draining (seems the broken ribs have been scratching them or something?).

Anyhoo, I will try giving the doctor in Namibia the benefit of the doubt by saying perhaps he did as little as possible to get Brother Swoop up to travel-standards as soon as possible - since he did have to get back home to South Africa. And maybe if Brother Swoop had gone to the docs here a week ago when he first got back, things might not be so dire. But he's in the hospital now, getting the medical attention he requires and should be well on his way to mending properly by the end of the week - all things progressing as expected :)

So the rest of the evening was fairly quiet. Just me clinging onto Varen ... I don't want to leave now, things are so lovely and perfect and living together (although with it's ups and downs) has been blissful :) And now I have to leave it all for a place I don't know and people I've never met ... I'm a little nervous. But I'm equally excited to be seeing my friends over there (The Divine Miss M, Lopz & Nix at a minimum) and hopefully a day spent wandering the museums :) I'm so torn. On the plus side (plus?) I should be finding out exactly what work is expecting me to get done while I'm there a little later today. Fingers crossed it's manageable and won't eat into my socialising time too much :)

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Tara said...

I guess all you can do is give the Doc the benefit of the doubt.

Try and enjoy the trip and really try take that day for museum looking. It's brilliant fun :)

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