Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Normal Night

So last night wasn't very eventful. Varen & I went to gym - not too shabby for the 2nd day of the year :) And I didn't put on nearly as much weight as expected ... only 0.4 kgs if the Virgin Active scales are to be believed.

And then we did some shopping ... since we'll be eating at home as much as possible this year. Although I'm not truly convinced it'll turn out to be healthier or limit the kilo's but we'll see.

To top it off we watched our last 2 episodes of Dexter ... should be getting more as soon as they're available, that screen writers strike really screwed up our series watching! Anyhoo, there are only 2 episodes of Dexter left for us to watch now and I am impressed at how they handled Season 2. I really had no idea what they could do after Season 1 and word is Season 3 has been scheduled :)

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