Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Survived My First Week

Last night I raced home to drop off my laptop and head back to the Sixty Pound Jacket I found yesterday ... shopping alone I can usually do, but when purchasing an item that costs about 840 South African Rond, one needs that second opinion. So I'll be mailing those pics thru to Varen, since he has kindly offered to buy it for me, for his opinion later today. Ps. I did also have another look around nearby shops for an alternative but have so far found nothing that piques my interest.

I also got more Amazon "gifts". My camera case and 4Gb memory card ... that's right people I can now snap happy for up to 1500 pictures on my snazzy 8 Megapixel camera!

I also got my two Live Lounge CDs ... in separate parcels. Told you Amazon's posting was mental. Been wanting these CDs for a while ... but they're not available for download or anywhere in SA ... so my trip here seemed like the perfect opportunity. And since I generally tend not to buy CDs, worth the spend.

Then I headed across the Thames (underground so I didn't even notice!) for dinner with The Divine Miss M and some more of her friends ... one of whom I'd been in high school with. The South African community in London sometimes seems as small as Cape Town :)

It was a pretty weird experience, we went to The King's Arms Pub which has a Thai restaurant attached. The food was pretty fab, I had a Chicken Massamun Curry and since we were in a pub, I tried an Irish Cider called Magner's :)

So far the trip has been good and I'm trying to cram as much in as possible ... but I am definitely getting bored of living in a hotel and am missing home and Varen.


Lopz said...

Amazon is nuts, but they're just about the best thing about living in the UK (besides Ebay, the January sales and M&S Percy Pigs). I noticed you said you're dying to see a Cirque show. I don't know if you'll have the opportunity while you're here, but their new show Varekai is now playing at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Not sure if you can get tickets for the remaining time you're here, but it might be worth a try! x

phillygirl said...

@lopz - Yup, certainly making the most of my UK time. And actually I booked my ticket to Cirque du Soleil for Friday night yesterday ... was just keeping it as a surprise for the blog ;) Am sooo looking forward to it!

Now will have to head over to M&S to try these Piggy's ;)

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