Friday, February 15, 2008

And We're Off Again

Last night was lovely ... I arrived home to find Varen completely to whip dinner up and the snap of a finger and also banned from the fridge to keep dessert a surprise.

Since I left work a little early, we had plenty of time before dinner, although he was so eager, we did end up eating at about 6:30pm. He had slaved away making us Ostrich fillet with a Chili Chocolate compote, creamed spinach (not handmade) and veggie skewers (also not handmade). But the dinner was delish :)

Dessert was even better! He'd prepared us each a dinner plate filled with creme caramel, raspberries, mango (which I love and he can't stand!) and chocolate drizzled kiwi's. The chocolate was Lindt so you can imagine how decadent it was :)

Sigh. I think he'll have to take leave every Valentines Day :)

And this afternoon, we're jet-setting off to Cape Town to celebrate Mom's 50th birthday (next Tuesday, but the party's on Saturday evening). Am so looking forward to it and will only be back here on Tuesday. Four day weeks, gotta love 'em! I realised that since I've gotten back from London, I've had 3 four-day weeks in a row. Couldn't have planned it better myself!

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