Monday, February 04, 2008

Half is Better Than Nought

Here are a mere 25 things (if I come up with any more, I promise I'll do the other half then) about me that mebbe you knew, mebbe you didn't ... and hell, mebbe you agree :)

1. I have always wanted to own a pet pig, the miniature pot-bellied one not a giant farmyard-type one

2. In light of the above I seem to have amassed a collection of Piggy-bank pigs as well as a few fluffy ones that walk around and snort when switched on ... it makes me giggle every time :)

3. I have ridden on an African and Asian Elephant ... I'd recommend the African experience over the Asian one to anyone who asked.

4. I never went to University ... I went to 2 different Colleges and have Diploma's in both Multimedia and Computer Science.

5. I don't understand addiction. I think it's just lack of will power. But apparently that's because I've never experienced addiction so cannot relate at all.

6. I collect Fonts ... and Foreign Currency, coins & notes

7. When I was born I had all 4 Grandparents and 2 Great-Grandparents.

8. I think I might be addicted to Mayonnaise :)

9. I also don't understand "aquiring a taste". If it's that bad that it needs aquiring, how do you force yourself to do it enough times to get to the "liking it" point?

10. I have dated boys who knew more about make-up than I do. I never wear the stuff.

11. I'm a total stats-whore regarding my blog.

12. I was the eldest Grandchild on both sides ... and the eldest Great-Grandchild on one.

13. I can't tell if people have lost or gained weight ... obviously if i haven't seen them in 5 years and it's like 20 kilos but, if I see you regularly and you've lost 3 kilo's, I won't be the one complimenting you on it. To be fair, I can't notice it on myself either tho.

14. My Mom wasn't supposed to have kids, yet she still managed to fall pregnant with me while on the pill & using an IUD ... I'm that stubborn!

15. I love games (the board & card kind, not the emotional kind)

16. I'm a South African and I barely ever eat Red Meat. I'm a White-Meat-atarian, mostly (plus Bacon!)

17. My Great Grandmother on my dad's side apparently had 6 toes! Eep.

18. I'm against Organised Religion. I beleive it was man-made by the Greedy and Power Hungry to keep the masses in line. That said, I'm all for people with Faith.

19. I don't like swimming in public.

20. I had a pet rat when I was little. My kids will have rats instead of hamsters, they're smarter :)

21. I can lift my baby toe onto the next toe (on both feet) on demand

22. People think I'm funniest when I'm being serious.

23. I can't choose sunglasses for myself, I need someone else there to help

24. I think I may have an obsession with Koi Fish. I one day I want a pond with those giant ones just so I can swim with them :)

25. I haven't watched tv in absolute ages. I have now limited my viewing pleasure to series (downloaded, not by me - this is a far more efficient way to watch shows!) and the big screen (if they ever produce anything worthwhile again ... it's actually been ages since I went to the cinema either)


Tara said...

1. Pot belly pigs are gorgeous aren't they? Whenever I see people selling them I have to overcome a powerful urge to buy one.

18. Excellent way of putting it

20. Rats rule! I loved my rats.

ExMi said...

6. i collect fonts too. i could spend days downloading and trying them out. there's nothing better!

11. it's called 'being popular'. not 'a whore'....hehe.

25. i watch a lot of tv. especially while feeding the kid. dont have enough hands to feed him and read a book. frustrating.

but good on you....even though only 25 things. you still did well!

Tales of the City said...

Its the year of the Rat from Thursday.... (incidentally I am a Rat).

ExMi said...


i am a Rat too.

KaB said...

I collect fonts it! I 'ooh' & 'aah' at them!

You want to swim with koi fish...that's just gross! But each to their own!

Globus said...

11. so what are the most bizarre search terms people have stuck in to end up on your blog?

globus is a tiger, but feels more like a tigger. like the blog.

phillygirl said...

@everyone - wow, thanks for all the great feedback :)

my mom did happen to point out that point 5 & 8 are a little in contradiction ... but when I said I might be addicted to mayo, it was more in the hyperbole sense of addictive ... not like an actual addiction. You know what i mean :)

Speaking of weird search terms tho, I had one today from Oman: photographing girls inside the hotels baths ... eep!

ps. I am a monkey ... no surprises there then :)

ExMi said...

oh. by the you have to tag all the people that commented on this post to spill 50 things...

(obviously the ones i tagged orginally are immune....)

phillygirl said...

@em+ct - meh, I'll give the tagging a skip since between you & Goblin (who've already done it) and ToC (who doesn't blog) it's much of a muchness ... if kab & globus feel so inclined, they are welcome to regale us with their 25 to 50 things :)

Now that I think about it ... let me tag a few others who haven't commented but will provide good content :)

phillygirl said...

Thanks to the Peeble (or akika as she's known on her blog) for taking up the challenge of The Tag and completing her list (of 28 things).

Read the Peeble's list here.

phillygirl said...

Thanks to the MsMozi for taking up the challenge of The Tag and completing her list (of all 50 things).

Read the MsMozi's list here.

phillygirl said...

Thanks to Noodle for taking up the challenge of The Tag and completing her list (of a mere 7 things).

Read Noodle's list here.

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