Thursday, February 21, 2008

No Car But a New Job

Yesterday was fairly uneventful, aside from the fact that Varen, disappointingly, did not get the new car. Strange that the banks will suddenly freak out about you buying a car because you're a contractor (his new job will be ... which he'll be starting on Monday btw.) ... even tho you have a million rand home loan already with them and they don't seem worried about your continued monthly payment of that!

Oh well, apparently it's a mere formality and all he needed to provide was a letter from his contracting house (now done) so he should be collecting the car this morning and coming thru to pick me up for lunch and "the first drive" :)

In other news, my departmental move here has become official. I am leaving this team and it's politics behind and let's hope it's on to greener pastures. Except I do have one minor concern to deal with today, one of those ones that wake you in the middle of the night and won't let you get back to sleep. The whole point I'm doing an internal move is so that I can keep my increase & bonus ... this company is pretty dodgy (and downright unfair in my opinion) with that sort of thing. If you resign before the money is safely in your bank account, you lose it. Forget about the fact that you've already put in those 12 months of hard work and effort that the bonus should be rewarding you for, they zap it. Again, as I said, unfair. But my plan was to avoid that sort of childishness with an internal move ... and I woke up in a panic wondering if I had in fact dodged the bullet? Anyhoo, some serious investigating to be done today. But barring any surprises there, I should be moving on 3 March. Fingers crossed!

Quick mid-post update: The bonus is apparently secure :)

We had a very nice and quiet night last night, my first sushi since I went to London :) And a new series TheBrad has been insisting that we watch called Damages ... two episodes in and it's piqued my interest.


Tales of the City said...

Oh.. will we ever see you on these shores in your new role?

phillygirl said...

@toc - too early to tell at this stage, I'm afraid.

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