Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Anger Management, Anyone?

Things are so bizarrely conflicting at the moment. In one aspect of my life, I'm blissfully happy. And in another I'm angry and tired.

Things with Varen are fabulous. This Body-For-Life thing (yes, we made it successfully to day 2!) is not dreadful. We're eating their healthy food and spent almost the entire evening preparing the food for today :) It was actually some pretty good bonding time.

And we gymmed yesterday, for the first time in a very, very long time. And today I even have muscles that are achey. I'm not sure how long it'll take before the novelty wears off, but for the mean time I'm enjoying this. Probably only till this evening when we have evening plans ... I have no idea when we're going to find the time to go to the gym, prepare & eat dinner, go out and still prepare our breakfast & lunch for tomorrow. But we shall see. The boy is determined :)

And then onto the more depressing side of life. I am so angry right now. So angry that I burst into tears of frustration. With this stupid property situation. I am sick of dealing with Lying Tenants. I just want this place to sell already. I am sick of dealing with Bean.

Yes, it was all fine when there were no issues with the property. Then keeping it seemed like a good idea and a wise investment. So, our personal lives have moved on, no reason our business ones should be affected. But now, when he's over in UK and I'm left here dealing with this, I am seriously wondering WTF was I thinking?

I'm tired. I'm tired of always being the responsible one. With this situation ... because Bean loves to fall back on his "It's hard to deal with it from 10000kms away" excuse. While I like to remind him that he chose not to sell the place before he made that move so there's not an ounce of sympathy here! And he's such a bloody softie. He's all for "Let's phone the Tenants and find out why they're paying late". I'm like "You dope" (damn, I wish I'd said that!). The only time he's actually been forced into dealing with the situation (in February because I was gatvol), he got such a run-around. "The rent will be paid by the 15th" ... "by the 20th". It was paid on the 29th, after I started phoning the damn Tenants. And he believed them when they said they'd pay by the 7th March. Hell, I almost did too after I made them sign an agreement stating they would. So really, now, at this stage ... what is the point of hearing another fantasy date from them?!?

Please sell, please. Someone out there, somewhere .... buy the friggin place and put an end to my unhappiness and frustration.

And then with work as well. So, I'm still not really set-up yet in this new job of mine. And I keep reminding the guy who I work with, on the few occasions he manages to be at his desk :P He seems to be one of those very laid-back types. Again, me ... the responsible one. Trying to ensure that I'm actually doing something constructive with my time here. No help from the masses. Sigh.

Double Sigh. I just want to crawl back into bed.

I am seriously beginning to think that I need some sort of anger management ... I get into these awful places where I just absolutely HATE everything and almost everyone on this awful planet. I wish I could just go and sit in a jungle and be surrounded by peace and animals who are not vengeful or power-hungry. And NO people. People are what I hate most about the world these days. And I wonder why I'd even have children and inflict this dreadful world on them too, when I can barely manage it myself. Yup, it is dark times up in phillygirl's mind these days ...

Oh, and the 2008 Bloggie winners were announced yesterday evening. I didn't win (no surprises based on all of the above). But, there's always next year ... right :)


The Divine Miss M said...

*big hug*

I can't begin to imagine the stress that this is giving you but I'm always at the other end of google for a person to vent on to!

We love you phillygirl!

phillygirl said...

@missm - thanks hon.

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