Friday, March 28, 2008

So Much For Gym

Last night was another quiet one at home. I spent some time with Bell in the garden before Varen got back from his dentist appointment (a follow up from last week). She definitely seems to be getting used to us and will regularly run up to us and sniff us and sit near us before scampering off again.

Yesterday afternoon, while playing outside her hutch under my watchful eye, she jumped (and then fell off) the window half-sill (outside). I was impressed she could jump as high as she did ... but I guess the only way she'll learn that there's no space for her to perch up there is by falling. And rabbits aren't really interested in being cuddled after a fall :( She also has what I call her "Grand Prix Route". She will race (and I mean top speed!) from under her hutch, across the stoop, around the fish pond, onto the grass and back again. Wit ha few skippety skips thrown in for good measure (although she only does those when not flying by at top speed!)

Dinner was a *huge* disappointment for me last night ... I hate those recipes that sound likethey're going to be the most awesome thing you've tasted in your own home and turn out to be better used lining you dustbin! I tried to make the BFL Ostrich (substituted for beef mince again) and spinach lasagne. Varen said he liked it (I'm sure it was just cause I was sulking tho!) but I thought it was crap. Sigh.

So here's where I'll admit I'm not the sort of girl who cooks for enjoyment ... it does not relax me. But I do find it thrilling to be able to make something that I myself might crave. As such when I produce something completely (or even marginally) distasteful, it's depressing. All that time, all those ingredients. Wasted. It's things like that that put me off the kitchen. Such high highs and such low lows. No even keel for me. Something is either perfect or ruined. It's always been like that.

And so, because of my after-dinner sulk and Varen's wearing-off mouth-anesthetic turning to dull numb nauseous pain, we skipped gym. Instead we watched The Sickhouse.

Anna is an ambitious young archaeologist. She desperately needs the kudos of an important find. But her work is ruined when the authorities suddenly shut down the old hospital in which she is working. Plague spores contaminate its medieval foundations. Anna is convinced that this ancient plague site holds an even darker secret. In her research she has stumbled on a murderous pattern of unexplained child deaths. This is a very cold case; the children disappeared in 1665, the year of the Great Plague. The 'suits' at her museum don't buy her theories and they give the go-ahead for the hospital's imminent demolition. That night Anna risks everything, and breaks back into the hospital to prove her suspicions. Reaching for a mysterious ancient artifact, she slips and falls. Meanwhile, Nick's 21st birthday celebrations are culminating in chaos. He just wanted a good night out with girlfriend Joolz, best mate Steve and Steve's younger brother Clive. But a little innocent joy-riding goes badly wrong. After a fatal hit-and-run the teenagers hide out in the hospital and their fates become intertwined with Anna's. With luckless synchronicity two worlds collide and the ancient force that has snared the young people starts to play out its cruel game. Anna has unwittingly resurrected the malevolent spirit of a hideous medieval Plague Doctor, and one by one they will all encounter his evil reincarnation - their fates mirroring the cruel deaths of his victims 350 years ago. History is repeating itself. Anna works against the clock to unlock the secrets of the murderous Plague Doctor. In a twisted version of Alice Through The Looking Glass, the young people find themselves fighting for their lives - and souls - in a long-forgotten medieval underworld. The only way out is for Anna to confront the Plague Doctor. Can she destroy him, and stop his evil spreading like a plague epidemic, into today's world? A shocking mystery that began centuries ago needs solving but even Anna cannot see that she herself is the final piece of the puzzle. Time is her enemy and death is only the beginning.

We didn't know anything about this movie when we started watching, it was just one of a handful I'd gotten from TheBrad earlier in the week. But within the first 5 minutes when they'd used the word Archeology, I decided it was worth sticking with. It's sort of an average horror, not as clever as SAW and just as nonsensical as The Ring ... if that's your thing, give it a watch. I will say that the ending arrives swiftly and doesn't quite manage to clearly explain itself in it's super-fast last sequence. But I kinda enjoyed it ... however this does not mean I would ever watch it again.

After that we settled in and watched the first few episodes of a brilliantly funny new series called The Big Bang Theory :)

Today Varen has headed off on the long 3 hour drive to Breyton again, this time (a week later) for his gran's funeral. My thought's are with you and your family, baby. Drive safe!

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