Thursday, March 20, 2008

Update: I Forgot the Ice Sculpture

I have just heard the sweetest story.

So I was just chatting to the bride-to-be from the engagement party we went to last weekend, Piano-girl. She was a little sorry her ice-sculpture hadn't got a mention. Yes, they had over 100 guests with a bar-man, a live band and an ice-sculpture.

So here's the story ... if I'd known it before, the ice-sculpture would definitely have got a mention :) She'd being chatting to Vori & his family about the party plans and was saying how much she wanted an ice-sculpture but that they were just too expensive.

As a surprise, Vori's dad went out and bought a huge block of ice and lathed it himself into a sculpture. Suddenly the ice-sculpture means so much more :) I think that's so sweet of him and far further than most father-in-laws-to-be would probably go to ensure their future daughter in-law has the engagement party of her dreams!

Please keep in mind that as much as I think the above is a lovely story, I do not want any ice-sculptures of my own ;) Lucky thing too, cause I don't think Varen's family has a lathe!

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