Tuesday, April 15, 2008

But Wait ...

So there's not that much exciting news this morning ... we didn't managed to get Bunny 2 yesterday evening unfortunately. We'll be taking home one of a litter of three baby bunnies but, Bell will be making the actual choice. So truthfully we don't know if she'll be getting a little sister or brother yet. It's best for her that we get another bunny she likes so we'll take her along when we finally go to get Bunny 2 and let her play with all three babies for a bit and see which she gets along best with (with bunnies, that means not scratching or biting ... but rather lots of nose rubbing :) )

So, the three babies (I say that, but Bell isn't yet 2 months old so I guess she is still rather a baby herself!) have not yet been fully weaned from their mom yet. And if we take them before they're drinking water on their own and done with mom's milk, they can die. And we certainly don't want that. So have chosen to wait a few more days before getting one. Fingers crossed for Wednesday evening :)

Yesterday I went to my new psychologist and she seems pretty good and easy to talk to. I certainly felt lighter after our hour ... although admittedly we didn't get thru that much in depth stuff. It was more of fleshing out the story of my life so far, giving her background. And I'm still feeling upbeat today so I think it's been a good decision.

Other than that, not much to tell. Varen & I have been shocking on the gym front. But we've also been very tired lately - not sure if that's weather related or not tho? We'll be better ... I promise, starting tomorrow :)

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