Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Growing My Own

Last night was quite uneventful .. .aside from the fact that a) I have decided to start a Herb Garden (in the interests of Bell's love of Sweet Basil which sadly goes off too quickly when store bought) and b) Varen & I went to gym last night *and* this morning. Yes, I'm still knackered.

Okay so it's kinda fun learning what my darling little bunny loves to eat from her Allowed Foods list. So far Spinach & Mint are out (sad since I bought a mint plant yesterday too ... which, incidentally, is how I discovered she is not a fan!) but Carrots, Apple and Sweet Basil are up there on her list of favourite things. In the photo you can see her having a good nibble on the new basil bushes. This was after she slowly chewed the grass getting nearer and nearer to that heavenly smell ... it was very cute :)

Sadly tho, the garden is still just a dream because I now need to buy some soil :P How ridiculous. Probably my fault for not reading what was in the big yellow bag ... aside from the fact that it said "Planting & Vegetables". I'm also growing some Raddish & Beetroot sprouts to see if she'll enjoy those. And I found what looks like a pretty cool blog on all things Herb-y: Timeless Herb Secrets.

In other very exciting news, yesterday I *finally* received my travel reimbursement from my Januray business trip to the UK. Only 2 months and 6 days after landing back in sunny SA!

Sadly however, my mood is still up & down. I'm not sure what it is ... but I'm kinda hoping at this point that it's only the usual Birthday Month depression. I hate feeling like this. That everything is wrong (but I know it's not) and that nothing is within my control to fix or improve. Sigh. Powerlessness. But still, I endeavor to stay sane ... sadly Varen bares the brunt of my chaotic personality these days. What to do, what to do?

Oh, and in a complete change of topic, I found a fantastic free online sms service yesterday and it is specifically for South Africa! Check out MahalaSMS and start sending :)


Anonymous said...

I think it's so cool that you're going to grow your own herbs and stuff. J grows bean, chillies and tomatoes. :)

phillygirl said...

@jane - Yup, Varen is keen to get some chili's growing too! There's something lovely about growing something more than flowers - not that we have any of those either tho ;)

Tales of the City said...

Sweet holy basil... next you will be doing her veggie stir fries.. :-)

Unknown said...

Hey phillygirl
Thanks for the punt on your blog!
Enjoy the free sms service at MahalaSMS.co.za

Lopz said...

I'm loving all your Bell photos hun, you are all very cute together!

phillygirl said...

@toc - nah, i think the bunnies prefer their veg raw ;) Pahahaha!

@richard - My pleasure. I tested it out and was impressed (and there's no catch, which is super unusual in SA-based free services!) ... and as such, it's my duty to inform my readers of such a handy free service :)

@lopz - thanks, hon! You can vicariously re-own bunnies thru me :)

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