Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Minor Plumbing Problem

Last night was supposed to be the start of our annual office Action Cricket league ... but it wasn't. Our game got postponed. Which was just fab actually because it meant we could go to the usual Tuesday night dinner with the Goof Troop.

Last night was at Koet & Nambi's and they made the most delish blue cheese pasta (good thing we're making this BFL thing fit into our lifestyle these days and got to eat along with everyone else again!) But, before dinner we did manage to get to the gym ... since we'll be missing it this evening in favour of the Pro20 cricket game at Supersport Park, home of the Titans (I won tickets yesterday!!).

And even tho we were planning an early morning today (in order to leave work in time to drive out to Centurion), we were woken even earlier than expected! I woke up at 5am and heard a constant gushing water sound - you'll know exactly what I mean if you have one of those finicky toilets that need the handle lifted completely up in order to stop the water flow after flushing. And that's exactly what I figured it was (in my blearly barely woken state I didn't quite click that the noise wasn't there when we went to sleep) so I sent Varen off to check that the handle was lifted (he'd woken almost simultaneously as well!). That wasn't it. So he came back to bed. But still the noise persisted. I was a little concerned by this. So he dutifully got up to inspect and discovered a veritable Nile River outside our doorstep (thankfully outside the house!). Something has clearly burst or whatever, who knows but it is causing an excessive amount of water to go to waste.

So far I've called Brad The Plumber, a new acquisition of mine since I had to have a geyser valve replaced at Bean & my place last week. Boy is that number coming in handy now! Sadly, our Managing Agents don't open till 8:30am and we have no idea yet if there is a Maintenance Manager for the complex or not. Although we're quite sure it *must* be a Body Corporate issue since the problem is clearly on the outside. But, even worse, after describing the problem to Brad The Plumber, he thinks the pipe gushing water is a sewerage pipe (it's one of those giant plastic ones) ... eep! Thank goodness it's not gushing sewerage!

Sigh, there's always another thing that needs dealing with.


The Jackson Files said...

Oh man, plumbing problems are the WORST. Good luck with it all.

Anonymous said...

Oh crap! I hope you get that sorted ASAP!

phillygirl said...

@tjf - thanks, I think I'm going to need all the Luck I can muster!

@jane - not looking promising

see my next post for the update (am about to type it up now!)

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