Friday, April 11, 2008

My Crazy Bell

My bunny is so cute. I could sit and watch her for hours ... which is what I did again yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately Varen got home a bit late after picking up some ostrich steaks for dinner and we skipped gym ... again.

It's hysterical to watch her. She has her favourite places inside, namely playing in the curtains or hiding under the couch. Or her new worrying fun-favourite is climbing up into the belly of my hippo table (it's a welded wrought iron hippo with a glass table on top ... I'll take a picture sometime, it clearly doesn't translate well into words!).

This is especially frustrating for us because we can't really manage to get her out of there so we have to wait for her to climb out herself. But before that happens I worry terribly that she'll hurt herself as one leg pops out between gaps too small for her whole body.

Three more sleeps till Bunny Number 2 arrives :) Can't wait ... but I sure hope Bell is ready to share her space.

Other than being entertained by Bell, the evening was fairly uneventful. But, the day was fairly promising ... Varen & I finally seem to have picked our 2008 Holiday Destination.

The Trans-Siberian trip was quickly discarded as it cost the same as the other 2 trips but was a far shorter length (we're all about value-for-money here!). Sad, but we'll get there one day :)

So yesterday the final choice came down between:
1) The 23-day Spain, Portugal & Morocco trip with Intrepid
2) A 21-day trip to Peru, also with Intrepid (this was the original Peru trip I'd investigated but thought was too expensive ... turns out it was in the exact same region as the other 2 trips we considered, so it came back in the running)

Since both of these trips were fairly similar in length, cost and required the exact same number of leave days, I let Varen make the final choice. To be honest both trips look amazing and I'd be happy doing either of them :) He chose the 23-day trip to Spain, Portugal and Morocco. We should be jetting off sometime in September!

Well, that all depends on when he can get his sodding Pension Fund payout from his previous job. Apparently this should ordinarily take 6-8 weeks (like most other things in this country!) but it has been even longer and he hasn't seen a cent. So he has to get that resolved before we can actually do the booking and have the trip signed & sealed. Aaargh, please hurry up!

And in other good news, I managed to book myself a Reflexology session and dinner & movies with GalleryGirl and her sister for tomorrow while he's watching the dancing ... tee hee, can't wait!


noodle said...

What an adorable little bunny…

OMG 2008 holiday plans, I'm jealous! Gonna check out this Intrepid, sounds interesting.

phillygirl said...

@noodle - yeah, she's the cutest. we're getting her little sister later today (14Apr), can't wait!

I haven't traveled with Intrepid yet, but their tours look fab. I can recommend Imaginative Traveller & On The Go from experience tho. They all pretty much offer similar stuff, it just comes down to the places you want to visit :)

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