Thursday, April 10, 2008

You Should Try Colour Therapy Too

So not in the mood for this right now ... yesterday was such a lovely day. Today, however, is not.

Yesterday my friend Lady came in to the office to do some Colour Therapy and Reiki sessions for the girls in my previous department. Luckily I managed to score a session myself since I had originally organised the shebang. Sorta like when Jeanius came in to give the girl's massage sessions.

The Colour Therapy was amazing and gave surprisingly accurate readings and assessment of my life and head-space right now! I'll admit I was rather skeptical when I walked in there. I mean surely I'd pick the same colours today (just because I like them) as I would in 6 months ... apparently not. Right now I'm still planning to test out this theory with another session in 6 months tho :)

So, what is colour therapy (don't worry, I didn't know before yesterday either!)?
As per Lady's Colour Therapy write up (obviously this remains copy-writed to her!): During a colour reading the client is requested to select 7 coloured bottles out of a choice of 17 different shades. Depending on the order in which these bottles are selected, an accurate 15 – 20 minute reading can show some relevant and deep insight into the client’s current mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states.

Colour therapy can be an extremely useful tool to draw attention the areas in our lives that create unnecessary stress and uneasiness. Colour can also assist in the treatment or release of these issues, resulting in a happier, healthier and more balanced self. When we feel balanced we are more efficient employees, more motivated individuals and happier friends and family members.

Lady's company is called Iridesense but sadly her website is not currently up & running. However, if you are curious in trying out this sort of therapy for yourself (or organising a corporate day), I'd highly recommend getting in touch with her on sally at iridesense dot coza :) After the colour reading, she did a reiki session which, I can tell you, is fantastically relaxing in the middle of the work day!

So the day itself was good. Varen came home nice and early and we decided to skip gym and just spent the evening chilling out. Me reading my book and watching Bell's antics and him messing around on his laptop. Then we had a rather disastrous dinner which turned out okay in the end. It started out fairly make-shift since we hadn't planned what to eat and were stuck with whatever we had in the fridge & cupboards (not that much as it turned out). And then Varen managed to shatter an oven-proof dish while grilling chicken! Hmmm .... But it all tasted just fine :)

And then we had a huge argument ... Okay, a little background. His mom booked him a ticket (300 Rond, nogal) to her dance competition on Saturday 12th. We both (and I assume me because of what he implied ... since I wasn't involved in this plan at all) thought it was at Emperor's Palace in the evening (I don't even know where he got that idea from?). But, this date has been booked for a few weeks now so you'd expect he'd have some clue as to where & when it was. So yesterday I made some evening plans of my own for Saturday with GalleryGirl.

Then last night he casually mentions that no, it's not at Emperor's, it's somewhere in Pretoria and he has to be there at 9am. Excuse me? So now I have an entire day to myself (and we were supposed to be getting more house stuff finalised before the house warming next Saturday, I had a list of things that needed doing that he'd already okay-ed even!) ... and that part, I don't really mind. It's the preparation. I now have nothing planned for the day because I thought he'd be around and we'd be going shopping (for my upcoming bday as well!!) and doing admin sorta usual Saturday stuff. Sigh. Why can't people be understand that their plans affect other people? I think it's time to book myself something very girly for Saturday ... and keep my evening plans too! Even if that means he'll be sitting home alone all evening after watching a "dance-off" all day :P Aaargh. Silly boys.


Anonymous said...

Colour Therapy.....dealing with normal therapy is hard enough!!!

This is my first time over at your site, commenting that is, and I love it, so glad when SAfricans can represent.

You are a word genius. No doubt about it :)

phillygirl said...

@fataculture - thanks for the positive comment :) And I promise, colour therapy is way more *fun* than normal therapy!

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