Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Engagement

So yesterday was quite fun ... went to Action Cricket, but we got slaughtered and I came away with a giant bruise on my leg from being hit by a ball recently hit by the batsman :( Oh well, you can't win them all.

This morning I'm slightly nervous and slightly curious at the same time. Last night was the first Tuesday Dinner after all the blog posting and I'm wondering just how much more bitching got done because of it. Sigh. I know ... it's not worth thinking about. But as I've said before, my brain hates me and does. I do so hate it when people have something against me for no good reason. But, no doubt they're absolutely sure it's a damn fine reason and are sticking to it none the less.

In other news, we found out on Monday evening that Koet finally popped the M question to Nambi :) I wasn't allowed to say anything till she'd had a chance to enjoy telling her nearest and dearest in person so, this fantastic news had to wait till this morning. But I'm thrilled for them both ... it's about time, guys :)


Unknown said...

I couldn't resist commenting on the "Great Invitation Miscommunication". I want to say "hey , your heart is in the right place - don't sweat the small stuff! Just remember, the more you defend yourself and agonise over it, the more people think you have something to feel guilty about it. Take the wind out of their sails by saying sorry for any misunderstanding, moving on and forgetting all about it."

PS I'm a daily reader - love your blog - feel like we could be passing each other in the SPAR and not even knowing :-)

phillygirl said...

@lisa - Glad you love the blog :) If you're a blogger yourself, please come meet us at the bloggirls lunch!

I know what you mean and I haven't justified myself to them personally. It's just that on my blog I felt the need to work thru my heightened emotions and give it a good vent. Having done that, I'm now really over it :) Well, until another repercussion rears it's ugly head!

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