Friday, May 23, 2008

Games Night Part 2

So the rest of my time off has been fab :) I had lunch with Zej & Hammi yesterday which was very cool ... have not spoken to either of them in ages because of that whole Tuesday Dinner Group fall-out I've had (sigh, too complicated to bother with an update really, but I'm completely cool with it all these days, which is a good thing!)

Anyway, it was nice getting to see them and catch up again. And then I fought with the Canon Guarantee Place, they forgot to replace my 2 printer cartridges before giving me back my printer! I know?! Anyway, so now even tho I don't get the annoying scanner error that it originally went in for, I still can't do a damn thing with it because of the missing cartridges. I phoned them twice yesterday afternoon (both times with promises I'd be called back as soon as they found out where my cartridges had got to) and once this morning ... I'm still waiting to see if Customer Services Person #3 is as good as his word. Sigh. So friggin' frustrating!

I have another huge bother regarding my car insurance that I'm just really in no mood to deal with or write about ... but I really should deal with it asap. I'm just so furious that I can't begin to accept what's going on with it. But more on that another time ... I am on holiday, after all ;)

Last night was our second Games Night. GalleryGirl & Squeak hosted and we had 6 enthusiastic players. We spent the evening in front of the fire drinking wine and playing Pictionary and laughing hysterically at each other's drawings! It was a fabulous evening :)

Today I was up even earlier than yesterday morning, but this time not for gym, but rather a Spa visit ;) JofH & YogaCherryl got me a voucher from and I decided to make use of this fantastic gift with my free time. I went to Hands on Healing in Craighall for their half day Copacabana Pamper package. It was brilliant and I highly recommend that if anyone's looking for something a little longer than the standard 1 hour massage but doesn't want to spend a fortune, this is a great choice! In it's fabour, it's not miles outside of Joburg, but I must warn you that there are no waterfalls or wild animals roaming around (if that's your Spa preference?). My therapist (Tumelo) was superb and I'm almost certain I'm going to be organising myself another half day visit :)

And now it's time to sign off and enjoy my last free afternoon before the new job. No doubt I'll spend it watching some girly series like Desperate Housewives or Grey's Anatomy with my darling bunnies underfoot :)

ps. *Still* waiting for the Canon guy to call back as promised ... I think I'll give him until 14h45 before nagging yet again!


Rab said...

Pictionary is always more fun with wine :)

p.s. added you to my blogroll, hope you don't mind.. lovin' your work

phillygirl said...

@missem - always nice to know of a new reader ;) And pictionary is definitely more hysterical with wine!

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