Thursday, May 29, 2008

Time in the Traffic

Aaaargh. So since I'm now working in a new office, in a *completely* different part of town (practically opposite ends, i tell ya! Oh, and by town I mean Johannesburg as a whole, not specifically city-centre), I've been spending the week trying to find my most efficient, least-frustrating route here. This morning the alternate I tried really screwed me over and I ended up wading my way thru the worst traffic this week. But I think I'm close to finding my ideal route.

Sadly tho, Joburg traffic never seems to be consistent. And the other funny thing I'm noticing is that my ideal route here is not the same as my ideal route home. Odd hmmm.

Anyway. Last night it was pouring here again so the bunnies braved the weather to chew on the grass - Henna more than Bell because she's a far more dedicated eater :) I sat inside watching series and Varen worked late (till 7pm, but he still wasn't done so he was in early again this morning). But, he volunteered to pick up Ghazal's on the way home from work, which was delish so I was happy :)


Sweets said...

i have recently discovered a new route home... cuts down 10 minutes of my travelling time ;) which is kind of depressing cause how much time have i wasted till now?! but i think jhb is 10 times worse


Tamara said...

Nothing beats JHB traffic!

Mmmm... Ghazal's.

phillygirl said...

@sweets - sheesh, that must be annoying ... but hey, at least you found it ;)

@tamara - had my favourite Chicken Mackni - and the leftovers for lunch so I'm still enjoying my Ghazal's high!

Jam said...

Ghazals tonight - yay! had to book two days in advance to make sure I got in this time.

phillygirl said...

@msmozi - oooh, enjoy it :)

AngelConradie said...

aaaw… the bunnies are so kyoot! i have pretty much the same route home and to work- but different days of the week have different traffic. on friday’s everyone is out early to finish early and on wednesdays and monday everyone seems to sleep late!
i love driving to & from glugs' place- its against the flow of traffic in both directions!

phillygirl said...

@angel - yeah, Joburg traffic is so unpredictable. Yesterday's route was quicker for me, but when I took the same one this morn, there was a major light out with no pointsmen - you can just imagine how thrilled I was by then ;)

I love love love going to places against the traffic!

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