Monday, May 05, 2008

The Two Days of Leave

So, in light of my soon to be leaving this job (and the fact that I do nothing work-related here either), I decided to take the two days leave last week and truly enjoy the week my Mom was visiting. Plus I'd just get taxed on the leave payout anyway!

So, we raced around shopping (looking for belated birthday pressies for me mostly) for most of the two days. But I did take her to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Victory Theatre on the Tuesday evening. You must understand, Rocky is a staple of our family unit. I couldn't let her miss a performace as fabulous as Brendan van Rhyn's! Seeing it for the 2nd time for me, it wasn't as spectacular as the first, but I think that's because it was as much of a surprise, I knew what to expect. The performances by my favourite cast (Frank & Riff Raff) were all just as brilliant as before but I'm not sure if I actually liked Tamara Dey as Magenta after all (after the last show, I was quite curious to see her tackle the role).

Poor Varen (who had decided to skip a second viewing of the show anyhow) ended up at work until 2am.

On Wednesday I thankfully found my future birthday present (I say that because it'll only be arriving tomorrow afternoon), some shelves at antiquesetc in Fourways Crossing. They'll fit perfectly in the stairway landing, the area that will be our study (the house is still very much a work in progress!). What's even more fabulous is that now, if we do move to Cape Town next year, we can take them with us ... not like the built in floating shelves we were thinking of getting. Will post a picture when they've arrived :)

On Wednesday evening, Varen and I left Mom at home and went to Newscafe Rivonia for DJMike's birthday drinks. We didn't stay too long since we had plenty to do before Daddio's early morning arrival.


Wenchy said...

Rocky Horror was amazing!!!!

phillygirl said...

@wenchy - that it was :)

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