Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Will I Survive

I'm in a weird mood this morning. Last night was okay ... mostly. I spent some time with my bunnies and Varen & I finally made it back to gym :) Quite an achievement in this weather, let me tell you.

But I've got some stuff on my mind that is getting me down. It's relationship type stuff and trying to figure out if my relationship with Varen will survive things. I had a bit of a panic attack last night about everything. Luckily in the light of day it does all seem like it might be manageable and that we might make it thru this together. But I still worry. As I've said before ... where is my crystal ball? I hate knowing I can survive something for the next 6 months but what if it'll kill me after 10 years. Anyway, I'm being particularly vague because this is personal stuff and I don't want to discuss it on this public forum any further than I have above. Sigh. I want my Mom back.


Anonymous said...


phillygirl said...

#jane - Thanks :) Things seem to be on the slow road to recovery.

The Jackson Files said...

Isn't it funy how the minute things go even the tiniest little bit bad, the first person a person wants is their Mum?

Anyway...I hope you are feeling all better soon.

phillygirl said...

@tjf - I know! And she's just spent a week up here but it's never like real-life, it's always holiday-time. And then as soon as she's gone home, real-life kicks back in and I want her back :) Sigh. You just can't win.

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