Friday, May 16, 2008

You Want To Give Me What?

So last night Varen sorted out our internet and that's how we whiled away the rest of the evening. Him catching up on all the online reading he can't do at work cause of their 100Mb monthly cap per person and me catching up on Fakebook. But I must say that even with internet at home now, I don't plan to become a regular there ever again!

Boring, huh? So since I don't have much interesting to tell this morning, I thought I'd tell you a Friday Funny ... and it's a true story too :)

Varen is Afrikaans. He doesn't often speak to me in Afrikaans, but I can generally understand the language enough to get by when we're with his family. I don't speak it myself (unless I get drunk, and then only because I know he thinks it's "cute"). I think I sound like a moron, and I prefer not to.

One night last year we were kidding around and he said to me "I'll give you a pakslae". Which is Afrikaans is slang for a hiding or spanking (no, don't worry, he doesn't hit me ... as I said, we were just joking around). So, knowing perfectly well what he meant, but still playing, I innocently looked at him with shock and asked him in all seriousness why he would want to give me "a packet of salad"? The Afrikaans word for salad is "slaai" which means that "a pakslae" ends up sounding pretty similar to "'n pak slaai"! I'm guessing this will only really be funny to people who understand Afrikaans tho, but we thought it was hilarious :)


Anonymous said...

That's classic. :) My sister's boyfriend is Portugese, and only speaks English and Porra. So when we talk to each other, he always goes 'what did you guys just say?'. And we've had some good laughs when he says something in Afrikaans. I give him an A for effort though. :)

The Jackson Files said...

Bwahahahahaha - that's hysterical.

After so long in the UK I find it really difficult to speak Afrikaans, which is a shame 'cos I think it's quite a beatiful language if spoken propely.

Mr Jones said...

I would preferred the spanking myself... (as opposed to hitting). :0

The Jackson Files said...

BeaUtiful even. The U on my keyboard sticks and I find it soooooooooo frustrating.

Tamara said...

Hehehe... One of my Afrikaans friends always says, 'Ek's vaak en moeg.' Say that quickly ;-)

Sweets said...

oulik :)

phillygirl said...

@jane, tamara - yep, i think there are plenty of cool cross-language confusions to be made ;)

@tjf - I'm not sure about beautiful, but it definitely has some good expressions ;)

I had that with my 'e' key last night, try writing without that one ?!

@mrjones - well you just never know what happened next ... ;)

Unknown said...

LOL at the pakslae vs salad thing :)

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