Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Delish Home Cooked Meal

Sigh. Sometimes I wish I could ignore things and insulate myself from things better and it really does amaze me what causes ripple effects. My (hopefully) last thoughts on the current on-going issue (that seems to have expanded more than I ever imagined - out of respect and at special request I've removed the link to the "online expansion"): I think people need to be aware when they are saying things (on or offline) that even tho they may not see anything wrong with what they've said, it may be hurtful to someone else. I've learned the hard way (and yes, I know I still often get it wrong myself) that it doesn't really matter if what you say wouldn't hurt your feelings if someone said it to you. It's not being said to you, it's being said to someone else and it's them you need to remember. That said, if you're not saying anything to anyone specific, then it probably gives you a loop hole to give your uncensored opinion (aha, paving the way for blog-posts worldwide!).

My personal issue had nothing to do with comments hurting me (although I got the impression there were people who might've been hurt by some of the comments), it had to do with the fact that no matter how hard I tried to convey my actual point, it was constantly being missed (probably my fault, but still). I was exhausted by *that* fact. Which is why I gave up bothering to try to defend my original point (And I can sorta see that happening all over again with the issue over it ... do I convey my thoughts and opinions that badly?). I still remain quite confident in my beliefs on the original point.

Also, debate (on or offline, again) assumes that there are two (or more) willing parties taking part in a discussion. Randomly shouting out your opinion (pro or against) in a comments section does not make something a debate.

So ye, I'm exhausted by this discussion now too ... so you all go right ahead and do what you like, with no regard for anyone else. Leave comments, don't leave comments. Agree, disagree. Sigh, whatever. I'm beginning to be sorry I ever brought it up ... or shared my original opinion for that matter. Perhaps in future I won't ... not, if this is where it gets me.

But on to last night. Varen was home even earlier than I was yesterday afternoon, it was fabulous! So we hung out at home for a couple of hours and by the time we headed out to GalleryGirl & Squeak's for dinner, it felt like we'd had almost a whole evening at home together already (the early darkness helps with this illusion ;) ). Dinner and dessert was absolutely delish. I got to try gnocchi (home made by Squeak herself even ... although Varen & I helped a little!) for the first time and it was really good. And then she spoiled us with creme brulee for dessert (also home made)! How lucky were we?


AngelConradie said...

oooh gnocchi... now i'm hungry!!!

ooh ooh- i tagged you!!!

Tamara said...

Ooh yum - gnocchi and creme brulee and time with your man... it does sound perfect.

As for comments... some people just don't want to understand what you're saying. Sucks, but it's life. At least you're wise enough not to waste energy writing essays in reply or getting all defensive.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm. That sounds delish!! Now I'm hungry!

Sweets said...

good heavens my tummy is growling as it is... thank so much for that... now i feel like fainting!!


phillygirl said...

@angel - saw that, but I'm not a big meme-er ;)

@tamara - sadly plenty of energy is still going towards this issue. I'm not very good with compartmentalising things ;(

@jane & @sweets - it really was yummy!

Parrotface said...

I always thought that a blog was an open place where people share their thoughts and opinions.

I don't have a blog but if I did I'd welcome other people's thoughts on what I've written. I don't really see what occured on any of your posts as bad. It was just people expressing what they thought on what you'd written. If you write it out there you have to be prepared for people who think differently to you. You can't really sensor them unless you moderate the blog.

I do however think you're going on about it a bit too much and making quite an issue out of something that is nothing.

The Jackson Files said...

Your twitter says that you are going offline indefinitely. No! Come back soon, philly I miss you already.

KaB said...

I think that what we have to realise is that the internet is the world's masterpiece when it comes to has become a place full of debate, opinion & general has opened up channels that were never there's something that us users have to get used to...whether you like it or not!

People dishing out comments here & there is their right really...the internet is free speech has given us the voice to say what we want. If you cannot handle people's opinions or their judgements then you shouldn't be partaking in the blogosphere. I am not condoning people's behaviour as I too have experienced some nasty people on the net but if it really is an issue, then you should block your blog & only allow certain people to read can do that & unless you're open to this world of free speech then you should seriously consider doing it if you're feeling so upset about it!

Just a thought :)

Mr Jones said...

Phillgirl.. you review food so well... :-)

phillygirl said...

@tjf - officially back :)

@mrjones - yeah yeah ... I just don't think I have the energy to write well-crafted witty restaurant reviews like you & your crew do ... am working on GalleryGirl tho ;)

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