Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another Cosy Bookclub

So last night was Bookclub and after keeping me company for the late afternoon, at 7pm Varen was relegated to the bedroom upstairs with his new iPod Touch and laptop (thankfully the internet is re-connected after a dismal Telkom experience, aren't they all?).

I made my yummy Ostrich & Chili Soup and we topped that with a dessert of Lindt Chili Chocolate (my all time favourite chocolate of choice these days). The evening was lovely (as usual) and we nattered away will almost 11pm. And boy did the new discovery of indoor use for my Chimenea come in handy :) Now here I am yawning the morning away.

Oh, but I did see something pretty fun on the internet this morning :) They've come up with some kind of weirdo formula for estimating a user's gender based on their browse history. It's pretty funny ... although mine guessed me as only 42% female (and thus 58% male) ... I'm guessing it's all the work browsing I do looking up Computer Programmey type stuff :P


Mr Jones said...

You have turned into a book worm.. were do you get the time?

Tamara said...

I need to start a book club!

I think that gender guesstimation is hilarious!

phillygirl said...

@mrjones - no, no, I've always been a book worm ... it just looks like I've read more than I have lately cause all those book reviews were long overdue! Plus, I had two 2 hour flights to Cape Town to while away ;)

phillygirl said...

@tamara - hopefully I can help you out with that ;) and yep, that gender guestimation is hysterical ... if not completely accurate!

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