Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Another evening spent at home. But I did take some cute bunny pics to keep you entertained. Varen and I really *meant* to go back to gym last night but somehow it just never happened :( It's so cold at night and all I want to do in climb into a nice toasty warm bath with my latest book and read and then hop straight into bed.

Sadly my internet is being very annoying right now ... so I'll have to put the pics on hold till later. And since this isn't a very exciting post either, it can wait too :)

Damn, and during all that waiting I got a call from my mom to say that the nurses looking after Gum (her dad) called to tell the family to come in ... it looks like he might not last the day. Sheesh. You know when you know somethings coming and you know it's so much better for the person (he has no quality of life anymore ... with his alzheimers and his lack of eating, and he barely registers that anyone is there visiting him anymore) but you'd still rather it never ever happened. That's how I feel right now. This is going to be a long day.


Anonymous said...

SO sorry to hear about that PhillyGirl. It's always sad to lose someone, even if it is for the best. My thoughts to you and your family.

boldly benny said...

I'm sorry to hear about this! I didn't have grandparents and I always envy those who do so I realise this must be a terrible loss! Lots of strength in this difficult time.

I love your bunnies!

Sweets said...

i never had grandparents either... strongs ok?

phillygirl said...

@jane & benny - thanks for your thoughts. He died at 09h55 this morning - it's been a rough day.

phillygirl said...

@sweets - I was very lucky, I had 6 (2 of my great grandparents were still alive) when I was born. I now only have 2 left. Finger's crossed my kiddies (eventually) will still have a great grandparent or two ... but probably not. Such is life when you wait till you are so much older to have kids (by my age my folks already had me & The Peeb! Hell, I was in Sub A already when my mom was 28 ... eep)

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