Friday, August 15, 2008

Cold Weekend Ahead

Logo for Afri-Ski, LesothoHmmm, I can barely remember what we got up to last night. Mostly it was a little cleaning and a lot of packing for another weekend away at the farm. This time we're going with a purpose in mind tho ... we're heading out early tomorrow to cross the border into Lesotho and try out the Afri-Ski slopes.

Now me, I've never been to the more well-known Lesotho ski resort, Tiffendell. But I did try a little skiing in my 97/98 Xmas holidays in Austria - we did a 6-week post-Matric (Grade 12) European tour with stops in Paris, Prague, Venice, Vienna, Wattens, Amsterdam and London. It was in Wattens, Austria that we spent Christmas and got a chance to go skiing. Now that first day when there was plenty of powdered snow, I didn't completely suck ... but after that, once the snow had been pounded down by all us skiers and go quite icy, well then I pretty much sucked. I just can't get the hang of having such long things attached to my feet and pretty much the only way I knew how to stop myself was to force a fall (not ideal!). On top of this, I have also been sand-boarding ... once. I did it while I still lived in Cape Town and it wasn't something I've been dying to do again either. Again, I don't really like having both my feet strapped onto one board. It's just odd, okay.

But, Varen and I have decided to try this out and give it all we've got so instead of opting just to spend the day bum-boarding (tobogganing or zipfelbob as they call it, but even Wikipedia has never heard of that before!), as I was quite keen to actually do, I've decided to join Varen and attempt snow-boarding. Let me point out here that I am in no way an adventure sports type person. Going fast does not do it for me. But anyhoo, I figure I've got to at least try it before I decide next time that I'll skip both the ski's & the snowboard and stick to the Zipfelbob :) That said, we've wisely opted for a 2hour ski-school lesson in the hopes that it'll at least mean we get some joy from our day and at very least don't come home with any broken bones :)

Sigh, blogger is up to it's shoddy service tricks again. I wish someone would sort it out. Now it constantly says: "Could not contact Saving and publishing may fail. Retrying..." when I try saving a draft or publishing my post. On top of that, I haven't yet successfully managed to upload a picture this morning either: "ERROR. The requested URL could not be retrieved. While trying to retrieve the URL: The following error was encountered: Zero Sized Reply ". Sigh. it's just so damn frustrating!! Anyhoo, the only way I actually managed to get this post up was via email ... but it still doesn't seem to work very well with images. Gonna have to play around with that. And because I'm using Evolution, I seem to have very little control over how the image gets added into the text :( The worst part is I used to be very happy with blogger's service ... over the last few weeks tho, my faith in them has taken a huge dent!!


The Jackson Files said...

Ooooooooohhhhh...have fun. I think I'd love snowboarding but the only time I ever went I fell off the ski life on my first run and ripped my knee cap away from my knee - so I have never actually done it!

boldly benny said...

Hey, did you go on that school tour that is organised for school students in Cape Town? Can't remember what it is called. I remember a gentleman coming to our school to tell us about it. I had a friend who did it and had the time of her life!

I hope you have fun this weekend. I was supposed to go to Afriski last year, but messed up my ankle so I couldn't make it. I went skiing in France earlier this year and had the time of my life!

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to go!!!! Have fun!

phillygirl said...

@tjf - just the sorta story I wanna read before I go ;) Thanks man!

@benny - yip, that's the exact tour I went on, one of the teacher's at our school organised it, hey I think he still does even (and he was 50 two months after ours!)

@supermom - thanks :)

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