Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Good Side of Facebook

So last night was very quiet. I made my crustless quiche again and I finally got it right-enough to post the recipe (coming a bit later!) :) Was delish.

And then I was browsing around on facebook and ended up in a lengthy messaging session with a very old friend of mine, we were best friends in high school, when I was in Std 7 (Grade 9) and she was in Std 9 (Grade 11). We probably haven't spoken since she left school tho ... Sho, over 10 years! Anyhoo, we decided to upgrade our frantic messaging into an actual telephone call and after 40minutes had barely scratched the surface. So nice to catch up and I look forward to speaking to her again soon :) Hmmm, so it seems FB can actually occasionally do some good ;) Which reminds me, I got the weirdest message this morning ... for my mom, from a girl she lived with before I was born (luckily I've heard the stories, so I know she is who she says!). Still. Another good deed by Facebook, me thinks :)


Sweets said...

FB does have it's moments yes... but for me they are bloody far and few in between :)

phillygirl said...

@sweets - oh yes, tell me about it ... they sure are few & far between for me too! But, I guess when they come along they make the rest of it seem worthwhile ;)

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