Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pudgy Little Worm

So yesterday late afternoon, I got home from work and let the rabbits out to run around the garden and went to water the veggie patch and get them some leaves to snack on. And I noticed that there were a lot of half eaten leaves. Damn, I thought, I have a worm! And none of these leaves were eaten yesterday afternoon, so he must be a big one. So I went hunting for him. I looked and looked, under the leaves and along the stems, all the while Henna is standing on her back legs pining for some snacks. So I break off the leaves that are already nibbled and give some to her and some to Bell. I looked for the offending worm for a good few minutes but couldn't find a thing.

So I went inside to get something to drink and fetch my book and headed back outside ... And there is the worm, munching on my veggie plants. Only it's not so much worm shaped as furry and brown with long little ears :) Henna, the little sneak had finally figured out a way to climb over the barricade we'd built and was happily munching on all her treats. I have now had to amend the barricade to thwart her attacks ... but it's hard to be too mad when she's just such a cutie :) I guess Hen is only as curious and inquisitive as Bell when there's food involved, but we knew that all along!

Later in the evening Brother Swoop & Brother Zion came over for some family time with Varen. We ordered pizzas and sat around chatting and catching up. It was a good evening but I retired early for a bath and to give the boys some time alone.

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