Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Last night was mostly quite. But in a good way :) Varen & I chatted, really talked about things because we've been in a bit of a bickering state lately (if you couldn't tell from the way I glossed over our Saturday morning drive yesterday?). Things seem on the up tho and I'm feeling positive this morning. Even after there was a bit of family drama in his folks house that involved plenty of phone calls between them all ... eventually I gave up waiting for him to be done on the phone and went up to bed to read :) My current book is hectic! And that's that. Nothing spectacular, another average Monday night in the Phillygirl-Varen household.

Oh, nearly forgot to mention that I finally downloaded the weekend's pics last night and have added two to yesterday's post (one of the Afri-Ski slope in it's glory and another of Lovely Lesotho). And I also kept one to include today of my Belly girl :)

That's her in her favourite spot on the farm ... The wood is the "portable hutch" Varen made for them so that we can give them some run around space while we're there and she's perched atop the cat-box that we use for them to travel in (we leave it open for them in the hutch because it gives them a place to go if they don't want to be out in the open for some reason). But my Bell (who clearly has some Meerkat genes) just loves to jump up on top of the cat box and peer out over the top of the hutch walls. This is why I'm so nervous of her escaping while we're down there, but so far she's never attempted a jump ... I think it's just her curious nature to see what's beyond her boundaries. She's such a cuty :) Henna on the other hand is quite happy just munching the grass quietly ... she's never even tried to jump on top of the cat box.


Tamara said...

Bell is just too cute ;-)

Thanks for the pics - I'm so keen to try snowboarding one day!

boldly benny said...

Your pics really make Lesotho look beautiful! I really want to visit it!
I LOVE your bunnies - I think I'd smother them with hugs if I ever met them!

phillygirl said...

@tamara - she really is darling :) and at least now you know where to go!

@benny - Lesotho was very pretty to drive through! Don't worry, I do that daily :) Luckily at least one of them enjoys it!

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