Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Heritage Day

Sheesh I'm tired this morning ... but feeling a lot better after my strawberry, banana & muesli breakfast :) Didya miss me yesterday?

Yesterday was a public holiday here in SA, Heritage Day. I just took the opportunity to do not very much. Sadly Varen's work situation hasn't improved ... and it won't till Tues next week. He worked till about 20h30 on Tuesday night (or was it later?) and then yesterday till 5pm too. So have hardly seen him at all this week :( Which is a contributing factor to why I did very little. Yes, I could've met up with people, but I just wasn't in the mood. Instead I did a little clothes shopping ... didn't find much and just generally hung out with my two best girls (the bunnies, who no longer seem to be pulling fur out of each other ...).

But last night was poker. I didn't do very well this time, a combination of a little too much red wine and the knowledge that Varen was actually at home for a change meant I played more recklessly than usual ... plus the cards just didn't turn for me :( But I got to go home a bit earlier than usual and see Varen :)

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Sweets said...

i hate going shopping... no need to explain why right?! glad you had a lazy day, i had one too :)~

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