Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More More More

Not much to report on. Hopefully the painting of the ceiling gets completed today and I can wash my hands of the whole debacle. Oh wait, I can't. Because of South Africa (or is it just Joburg?)'s new Rates & Taxes switcheroo where the municipality has decided that the Managing agents of complexes must relinquish control and owners must pay the government directly, my nightmare is yet to be over.

The switch happened from 01 July (sale already well underway). And I received my first back-dated bill from ye charming and efficient (said dripping with sarcasm) municipality just this week (well who knows it's been sitting in my over crowded post office box for to be honest). They are now billing me for monies already paid to the worst Managing Agent around (well, in my experience, but I have yet to have met a decent one!). The Managing Agent is apparently "in discussions" about how to now handle this ... are they going to give me my freaking money back, who knows? But I must still please pay the municipality as requested. Does anyone else feel like they're being screwed over here (cause it's happening thruout Joburg to everyone who owns a sectional title unit)?

Sigh. Other than that things are decidedly average. Things are not rosy at home. I'm sure we'll muddle thru but we each have a lot of stuff going on in our own space at the moment and that has left us more than exhausted when we finally see each other at home. Nights are wasted with Series-watching, book-reading and eating out of neccessity (dinner). I think I need a date-night.


The Jackson Files said...

Oh goddnesss, poor you. It all sounds like a complete nightmare.

I have yet to receive my new rates bill. Awesome.

Sweets said...

yes... you need a date night, just the two of you :)

so the place is sold yes?

Tamara said...

Managing agents are the pits. When our flat in CT flooded (water came UP through the floor and popped all the parquet flooring) and we were standing on planks to cook without electicuting ourselves in the kitchen, they refused to move us, despite the lease clearly stating that if the unit became uninhabitable it was their responsibility, and even made us pay a lease-breaking fee to get out of the damp, stinking, freezing hellhole because we gave 1 and a half month's notice, not two. 1 and a half months of living like that! I ask you?

Anyway... sorry to rant in your comments section. I just feel your pain. Good luck with trying to wrench your money out of them and in dealing with our super-efficient government beaurocrats.

boldly benny said...

*sigh* I understand how draining life admin can be! Sorry to hear that you have all this to contend with!

Yes have a date night, MM and I had one on Friday night and it was GREAT!

Janine / Being Brazen said...

I totally understand how you feeling about wanting a date night. Its easy to fall into a mindless routine, isnt?

Create a date night soon - even if its just having a super special dinner with candles lit everywhere and a hug bubble bath ;-)

phillygirl said...

@tjf - good luck when you do :)

@sweets - the place has officially not belonged to Bean & I since the 18th of August, a month today!!!! Hence my sheer annoyance.

@tamara - jees, that sounds like a nightmare!

@benny - thanks :)

@brazen - definitely a good idea!

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