Monday, September 15, 2008

Uninspired Title

Wow, what a weekend. Friday night was very uneventful. I sat home watching some new Series while Varen went with the work boys to visit a guy who's poor baby was born 3 month's premature ... I have seen pics, their little girl is tiny!

Saturday started with admin. I'm pleased to say that my annoyance with Bean seems mostly resolved - aside from the fact that I still have to deal with the painting issue. That was the primary admin issue. Seriously folks, I just need to get a damp stained area (the leak was fixed back in April) painted over. So I go to the paint shop after finding a very nice handyman for the complex willing to do the work (do I look like I own ladders & brushes?). And I'm sure the Mica sales-guy was trying to rip me off. I just cannot believe that my only option is a 1L tin of primer (at R77) and 1L tin of PVA paint (at R186). And we'll barely use any of that to get the stain painted! So this week I'm using my lunch hour in search of a better deal. Seriously, how can paint be so expensive?!?

And then we headed off to the Grand Thai Festival at Zoo Lake. It was nice to wander around and we met up with J9-double0blonde too. The food was yummy, that was about as exciting as it got for us - munching on satay (my fav) and spring rolls while drinking Singha. Except the food seemed to be hugely overpriced - everything was R30 except the spring rolls at R20. And sadly they were blasting the Thai music very very loudly and it made speaking virtually impossible. But other than the racket, it was a nice few hours spent out in the sunshine. I must say that I do not understand Muay Thai boxing any more than I understand normal boxing or wrestling or any of those sorts of "sports". I find it quite boring and mostly inexplicable.

And then Varen & I went home for a lazy afternoon & evening - he had quite a bad sinus headache for most of the weekend :(

Sunday was fabulous :) We headed off to my favourite venue, Roots at Forum Homini with JofH and YogaCherryl for a Spanish-style 12-course lunch. I know, 12 courses ... but each was really only a few mouthfuls to taste and was really very good. It was a fabulous long lunch on a beautiful sunny afternoon. The ideal way to spend a Sunday :)


The Jackson Files said...

I went to that Thai festival too (Sunday), I thought it was awful. I can honestly say that I am NOT a fan of Thai music.

OMG, paint is expensive, however I have found that Game has the cheapest paint.

Tamara said...

Pick n Pay Hyper has cheap paint too, but they can't mix colours for you.

I must go and try that Spanish meal... sounds divine.

phillygirl said...

@tjf - Oh yes, so not a fan! LOUD Thai music just makes it so much worse, it's such a sharp sound! Oooh, wish I'd known on the weekend about paint at Game!

@tamara - The Spanish meal was a special they did ... but I'd recommend lunch there to anyone :)

@all - ended up going with convenience and buying some marginally cheaper (both items under R100) from Builder's Warehouse.

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