Monday, September 29, 2008

A Weekend Alone

Had a very quiet weekend. Can barely remember Friday night actually ... Varen was working again, I think he got home round 8:30 / 9pm. Saturday he went back to work although he thought he'd be back by 3pm or so ... no such luck :( After me going shopping and planning a yummy dinner at home for the two of us (since we've hardly seen each other this week), he calls to say he'll be staying late. Luckily he managed to escape for about 2 hours to actually come home and have dinner with me :)

I made Salmon with Honey & Soy sauce and it turned out great (even tho I forgot all about the sesame seeds)!Other than grocery shopping and a swim at the gym, that was as exciting as my Saturday got. It was nice and relaxed at home with the buns :) (I know, I've been very bad with photo taking lately - tried to take this weekend and then discovered the battery needed charging! I'll post some soon tho)

On Sunday, Varen & I had a home made breakfast together before he set off for another day at work (he ended up working till half past midnight on Saturday and Sunday night!!) and I didn't see him again till this morning. I on the other hand went out for lunch at Cool Runnings in Melville with the bloggirls :) Was a fabulous lunch with Exmi, Jackson's Mom and Louisa. I had my traditional Chicken Nacho's again (I never eat them elsewhere so why the hell not, I say!) and they were delish ... with all the accompaniements this time :) Ooh, and special mention to my fav cocktal there, the Vanilla Mojito!

And then I had a very relaxed Sunday afternoon ... much like Saturday :) Finger's crossed I can survive this week with no public holiday ... Oh and make some headway on the visa's. Turns out (who's site is mostly useless ... unless you have a login!) wants to charge me a R399 service fee on a visa costing R205 (Moroccan) ... seems like daylight robbery. But then I think of the schlep of driving thru traffic in the mornings and hanging around waiting till the Consulates open (those places have even better working hours than banks ... how can people do business like this?!) and then queueing etc. etc. I think it might actually be worth that R399 just so I don't have to do it ... but then again, handing my passport over to some interim body does not fill me with joy. On the plus side of things tho, the elephant may well start backing out of the door this week :) Yippee! Finger's crossed for some good news.


Anonymous said...

good luck with your visa.

lunch yesterday was kickass.

will find out about a location for next months' somewhere in the east!

Tamara said...

Eish! I completely forgot about Bloggirls :-(

But I was on duty at church and only got off at 1pm anyway. Sucks.

The Jackson Files said...

I REALLY enjoyed yesterday's lunch. But I had nacho envy.

phillygirl said...

@exmi - thanks hon. am keeping finger's crossed re: the visa and look forward to your venue recommendation for next month's "high-tea" ;)

@tamara - :( we missed you! Next month will be a Saturday, esp for you! So no excuses :)

@tjf - Hmmm, nachos :) Was lovely seeing you!

Janine / Being Brazen said...

Good luck with visa

Yum yum - that Salmon with honey & Soy sauce you mentioned making sounds delicious

Bob said...

Hey lady,

Re: the visa, if you only had a friend who lived in Joburg and worked in Pretoria, who did Corky's visa for him....

Get your ducks in a row and I will

phillygirl said...

@bb - that Salmon recipe is delish!

@bob - paha, talk about giving away your secret identity ;) Thanks for the tip, but by the time I got your comment, it'd already been sent off to

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