Monday, September 01, 2008

Weekend in the Bush

Well, we whooshed out of here at 3pm and raced up North to Buffalo Hills in Madikwe Game Reserve (again) to meet Varen's family (currently that includes 9 of us, his 2 parents, their 4 kids and 3 significant others ... sheesh!)

The weekend turned out to be lovely :) We arrived at around 19h30 and had time for a quick shower before dinner. They make very yummy 4 course dinners!

And then it was another early morning wake-up ... for our first Game Drive :) We saw all the usual, Zebra, Giraffe, Wildebeest, Rhino, Lion, Buffalo and plenty of bokkies. We even had the very rare experience of seeing Lion mating. I've seen this once before in Etosha, but this was by far a better sighting.

It's really an incredible thing to see. It lasts barely 30 seconds (that's actually pretty tantric for a Lion, I gather!) and he bites her on the back while she howls (in pain). But, while we were watching, she still teased him, by wander away and then coming back purring. Was amazing to watch her rolling on her back like an ordinary house cat after, as well :)

After a very lengthy morning Game Drive, we headed back to the lodge, for breakfast, to shower and just generally lay about till our evening Game Drive. A fabulous way to spend the day is such beautiful surroundings ... and we had lovely warm weather!

We didn't have as interesting sightings on our evening Game Drive, but we did manage to find a herd of Ellies. After that we had another sumptuous dinner and then headed to bed anticipating our third early morning in a row!

The wind came up on Sunday and our last Game Drive of the weekend was the least impressive of the lot (in retrospect, we shoulda stayed in bed and had a lazy luxurious morning ... but then no doubt those on the drive would've had some amazing sighting or another, typical Murphy). After that it was breakfast and packing up (damn, I love their showers!) and then we all hung around enjoying the beautiful surroundings reading our books until about midday before we raced home to spend some much needed time with my darling bunnies (Thanks again, Bokkie, for feeding and watering them!)


Tamara said...

Sounds lovely. I've never seen lions mating. It's crazy that it happens so quickly! You must be glad to be back with your buns.

Mr Jones said...

just as well humans dont mate the same way..

AngelConradie said...

it sounds wonderful! i've never seen lions in the wild!

i can't wait, we're going back to the gamefarm we frequent at the beginning of october.

phillygirl said...

@tamara - yup, it's an amazing thing to watch! Yup, very happy to be home with my darling girls :)

@mrjones - there were plenty of comments like that as we watched :)

@angel - then I'll be keeping finger's crossed you have a sighting in October :)

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