Friday, November 28, 2008

04 November: Coimbra

This morning we grabbed a quick pastry across the road for breakfast. It was a bit of pot-luck guessing what was good. Mine was fine, but a little too sweet for breakfast (Yes, I really did just type that?!). After that we took a half hour bus ride to Conimbriga to see the Roman Ruins.

Side Note: Let me tell you, pastries get plenty boring for breakfast after 3 weeks ... I cannot wait for my first weekend back home and some eggs!

They were quite cool, lots of crumbly stones but some beautiful mosaics. The weather was a bit dismal and drizzly, but I had my handy new rain jacket with me :) I think this was the only day I really got to use it for real.

There was also a covered area (photo on right) that had some of the best mosaics (not simply patterns, but pictures - photo below). It also had a working fountain of the time (obviously restored) that played for a minute when you put in 50c. It was lovely, my favourite part.

Before we left, I sent the Peeb a postcard (her being an Archaeologist and all) and had a surprisingly delish lunch (honestly, the best meal of the trip so far!) of Game Pie with cranberry sauce.

When we got back, I took a wander around the city. I went up to the Post Office on Rua Oimpio Nicolau Rui Fernandes (yes, that is just one road name!) and then along Rua Fernando Borges to the Santa Clara bridge. Then all the way uphill (the hills in this city have serious uphills!) along Rue da Couraça de Lisboa and then all the way back to Praça 8 de Maio via the Universidade. During the walk it started raining. I'm a little soaked right now, but still glad of my new KWay waterproof jacket!

Wandered into another pet shop on my way back to the hotel and saw 4 Chinchilla's for sale. Never seen one of them before but they look cute. More buns (same colours as Bell & Henna but these were angora) and loads of squirrels too.

Am now in my hotel room watching the US Election on CNN and about to see Band's man live from Kenya! Quite surreal seeing someone you know live on TV, expecially on something as global as CNN. Pretty darn cool.

22h00: We're just back from dinner at a Chinese restaurant. It wasn't my best meal but, I think that's because I don't often (if at all) eat Chinese food so I didn't order the best dish at the table. But it was still better than last night's "Authentic Portuguese" meal.

Now still watching the US Election. It's an hour till the first polls close. Sadly we'll no doubt be asleep by then.

Oh, and I also wanted to say that this is the best group I've traveled with so far. I don't know if it's because I'm traveling "single" for now and there are so many of our group doing the same or if it is just because it's an older group (I'm 2nd youngest and I think we range all the way up to 65!). Surprisingly enough, it seems to work really well :)

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The Jackson Files said...

I am loving these holiday updates. I tried to leave you a comment earlier, but blogger was being a bitch.

See you tomorrow.

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