Friday, December 19, 2008

Boons Getting Better

Note: the photo on the left was taken on the day we got Coal ... before Bell started really going crazy about his presence. That pic is probably about as long as the peace lasted ;) But won't it be lovely when they're all friends ... they're so adorable all together!

Okay, so this bonding thing may not be completely horrendous as I first expected. Bell did much better yesterday afternoon. I let Coal run around the garden with Henna for about half an hour while Bell was still in the hutch - I can not believe how cute he is. He runs like a crazy thing ... like a kid in a candy store not quite sure of what his little legs are doing. He also seems to be quite the smart little guy ... he's already managed to jump up from the grass onto the stoep area. It's so funny to watch because he really prepares himself and then does a way more giant leap than is strictly necessary :)

Then I put him into the cage on the grass and let Bell out (I've put up photos with yesterday's post, so you can see what I mean). She ignored him and did her own thing way more than yesterday ... although she is still grunting and biting the bars a bit, it has definitely improved. We're hoping that we might even be able to let them run around all together by Saturday or Sunday. But I do think that as soon as Coal stats running around Bell will chase him. He's very active and Bell seems to have a little bit of Cheetah instinct in her ;)

Other than that, Varen & I had a quiet night at home, watching some Dexter S3 and eating take-out from Simply Asia. We shared some yummy starters, Prawn Spring Rolls & Chicken Satay. I had the
Tom Yum Goong Pla-Muk for mains ... jees but my mouth was on fire, just the way I like my spicy soup :) It was really delish.

Update 09h59: Oh, I forgot to mention that this afternoon's Spain, Portugal & Morocco post will be the last till the 5th of Jan ... I figure most everyone has either already gone on leave or is about to after today and well, it'd be sad if no one read them because of a silly little reason (which I can totally relate to and have done myself on occasion) like they got back to find their rss-reader with 1000+ blog posts and just skipped them all and started anew.


Nielfa Hanifa said...

Simply Asia is one of my favourites and I can't get enough of their Thai cuisine. Over the past 2 weeks, I must've had it four times already.

You bunny rabbits are cute... I also want :)

Anonymous said...


Sorry - am at the coast and a bit behind on my blogs.

phillygirl said...

@neilfa - yep their food was yummy :)

@jane - I know! And he's sooo cute. Hope you are enjoying your holiday :) You will have to catch up on the photos, at least, when you get back!

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