Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can We Keep Him?

Went home on Monday afternoon to find Mom at home with a freshly baked cheesecake (Varen's request) and Varen at home sick asleep in bed. So Mom and I went out and actually finished the xmas shopping (except I still haven't bought anything yet for Varen!). And then we went out for dinner (leaving Varen home to sleep & hopefully recover!). Mom was craving pizza as she never eats it at home (Daddio hates Italian food like pasta & pizza) so we tried to go to Lapa Fo, but they were closed :(

Instead we tried a new place in Greenside called Ossobucco. We started with Melanzane alla Parmigiana to share. That was delish :) And then we each had a pizza ... oh, and they do do half-and-half if you ask them. The pizza was fairly average but served it's purpose.

On Tuesday (Day of Reconciliation) Varen was feeling much better and we all went out shopping some more, still looking for a gift for me & Varen. And then headed to the pet shop where Mom and I'd seen some 4-week old black dwarf bunnies yesterday. As I said before, Varen wanted to get me one as an xmas pressie. So we bought one :) See, that's him you can hardly see with all the rest of the wrapped pressies. (Yes folks, we got ourselves a little boy this time)

He's too cute and we let him run around on the grass for a while with Bell and Henna when we got home. Henna seems to really like him, but Bell seems to absolutely HATE him! Bell charged after him like a crazy person. And kept trying to nip him. So, so far we've had to keep them separated. Bell seems to go mad at Henna as well if we put the new little boy outside in the cage roof (handy that it comes off easily and can keep him separated from Bell!). He seems to drive her insane and if she can't get to him she'll take whatever is nearby. Luckily Henna seems to be much faster than Bell. And as soon as we take the little boy back inside and leave the girls outside, Bell is back to normal with Hen.

Sigh, you have no idea how terrified I am. He's quite small compared to them and didn't start out afraid, more curious. But after being chased like mad by Bell, it took him ages to let Henna get up close to him again. We are going to the farm with them in a week & half and I am so worried that Bell will not be getting on with him yet. He's so cute, but he's driving her nuts and I don't know if we should keep him. As a cute tiny little thing, he has more chance of being bought by someone else right now ... but when he gets older and is around their size, we're hoping she won't be able to be such a bully (being that he is a boy). I don't know what the right thing to do is ... sigh. I hardly slept last night with worry. For now he is fine, sleeping alone in our bathroom while the girls stay, as normal, in the hutch outside. I really don't want Bell to hurt him.

She's even started nipping me now! We thought it was cause I smelt of him but she didn't nip Mom or Varen when they held her (after they'd held him). I was scared of her yesterday because she kept lunging for me. Clearly angry at me. It's been quite upsetting, but he's so adorable and I would HATE to have to get rid of either of them :( Sob.

For now he remains unnamed. I'm thinking of Coal, but am not 100% sure yet ... They've all been named after their colours so, if you can think of any other cool names, please let me know!

Yesterday I had to drop Mom off at the airport too ... that sucked. It was great having her here (not just cause of all the cooking she did!). I miss having her nearby. Before she left, Varen & I each had to open a gift from her (being that she wouldn't see us on xmas ... and I actually made her open her surprise gift, a tagine from Morocco, on the day she arrived!). She'd wanted to make xmas this year "small & green" so she'd bought us each something from The Green Shop. Varen is loving his Moppelino man, he's made him do about a million different poses already! And I can't wait to get my Solar light hung :) Thanks Mom!


AngelConradie said...

aaaw he is so cute! i do hope bell can get used to him... shame man!

BioniKat said...

Give the bunnies a few days. Let Bell look at him from a distance. If she charges him scold her like a naughty child but still give her lots of loves.

Unknown said...

How about "Jet" as in jet black

boldly benny said...

I loved coal, but now I love Lisa's suggestion. Jet is cute!

He is a very cute bunny. Give them some time, I'm sure Bell will warm to him. Animals often take time to sniff, suss and sometimes even nip each other out! I just love your bunny tales.

Sorry you had to say good-bye to your mom - it's always difficult. I hope you have a wonderful holiday at the farm ;-)

phillygirl said...

@angel - isn't he? I've now read online that bonding with difficult buns can sometimes take 3 to 6 months! Eep. But I'm keeping my hopes up!

@momcat - yep, that's kinda what we're trying ... but it was hard to give her loves when she kept attacking me too :( (Luckily that's stopped!)

@lisa - oooh, I do quite like that ... but it seems Coal is habit-forming and now it feels weird to call him anything else.

@benny - there will be plenty more bunny tales here, no doubt ;) Yep, was horrible to see her go ... you at least are off to Cape Town to see your family tomor, enjoy :)

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