Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good Mood

Sheesh I am tired this morning. After 2 late nights in a row and still getting up at 6am ... and boy are these 5-day work weeks long! But I'm in a very good mood this morning because later I'm fetching The Mom from Ort (the airport ... I fondly refer to it as Ort after it's ridiculous renaming. I mean come on people, renaming for the sake of renaming is stupid, the name "Johannesburg International" never offended anyone!).

Other than that not much is potting. Planning a serious bout of Xmas shopping this weekend ... and I sneakily guessed my probable gift from Varen, a little black bunny :) I am hoping (no offense to y'all) that Joburg will clear out on Friday afternoon and become the blissfully peaceful place it is ever December.


Louisa said...

Since the chools closed I've been leaving home 30 min late everyday and I still get to work early!

boldly benny said...

Hope you have a wonderful time with your mom!

A little black bunny! Oh how CUTE!

The Jackson Files said...

Hey, hey...have a happy and safe holiday. I'll definitely still be reading every now and again.

And then there's the next Bloggirls to look forward to in January. Yay!

phillygirl said...

@louisa - I know, I tried the highway to work this morn and it was much quicker & quieter! Thrill!

@benny - thanks :) I know, wouldn't it be adorable with the other two?

@tjf - yes, definitely! Will miss seeing everyone at the end of Dec, but look forward to starting up again in Jan :)

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