Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday Morning

Yesterday was J9-double0blonde's birthday (& Exmi's so happy birthday to both you lovely ladies!) so we headed to the Gypsey Lounge for some celebratory drinks. Sadly the service was pretty shocking (they were busy and I gather that these days are quite the place to be, but you'd think they'd actually want to be making money off the people taking up their seats!!). The birthday girl's drink came long after everyone else's :( But I will say that my drink, a Watermelon & Chili Mule, was divine! So perhaps cocktails there on a quieter night or a little bit earlier (like after-work drinks instead) would be a better idea. The food also looked nice, although I only tried the phyllo cheese parcels, which weren't as delish as the ones at the Bell Pepper.

This morning I got to work at my usual, 7am, only to discover the handful of other early-birds sitting around locked out of the offices - they'd been there since 6am!! We managed to get inside about half an hour later, but it still made for a slightly more eventful morning than usual.


boldly benny said...

Arg, I've had similar experiences with being locked out of the office - it's a pain!

I've had mixed reviews about Gypsy Lounge - glad you had a deelish cocktail!

BioniKat said...

And the moral of the story is: What the hell are you all doing at work so early!?

ExMi said...

thanks for the birthday wishes!!

phillygirl said...

@benny - yeah the last time we tried to go there we ended up just leaving instead. I dunno.

@momcat - well it's so I can leave the office at 15h30 ... daylight time not spent in the office makes it all worthwhile ;)

The Jackson Files said...

AH HA. Finally, a place that I have been to. I'm so excited. A friend and I went there and we ordered French Champagne by the glass (show offs), but they didn't pour it at the table. I likle my posh champagne to be poured where I can see it.

Anonymous said...

I hate bad service. Especially if you pay out your nose for the food or drinks. Ugh.

YAY for cocktails though. It's only noon and I'm craving one. I don't have a problem with alcohol I swear! lol

Tamara said...

I'm such a pleb - had never heard of this place ;-)

Unknown said...

what a pity about the bad service, especially on your friends birthday, it puts a damper on the whole evening!

phillygirl said...

@tjf - oooh, French Champagne ... well I *hope* it was french champagne ;)

@jane - yep, the cocktails were good. It is a little over priced if you ask me tho ... but what does one expect from Melrose Arch area?

@tamara - I wouldn't worry about it :)

@jenty - yep, and they *knew* it was her birthday, you'd think they'd have made a bit of an effort ... oh and I forgot the bit where half way thru eating, they mentioned could we all please pay with cash as their cc machine wasn't working ... hello?!

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