Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ode to Gym

Another uneventful evening at home. Except I did go to gym for the first time in 2009 yesterday (impressive, no?). Actually I went twice. I tried to go during lunch, as I usually do ... but all the lanes in the pool were taken. Bah, these New Year's Resolution Gymmers are starting to annoy me now. If you're still on leave, kindly don't gym during the hours those of us already back at work are limited to! So yeah, after being unable to actually get anything done during lunch, I went back after work. Different gym. Still packed to the brim. In the same way airlines make most of the years money in December, gyms must do the same in January! Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

Argh, gyms. The worst, and still we must. My gym has informed me that fees are going up on Monday, so I had best renew now. What I find interesting is that the rate the consultant quoted me in November, that was available only if I took a three-year contract (???), was now available if I wanted a one-year contract. No explanation offered. They suck.

Louisa said...

Yeah, the gyms are full of new year's resolutions in January - don't worry though, it usually dies down by mid-February again.

Laura said...

My gym has also been incredible full this week!!!!

Hopefully yours does calm a bit soon!

phillygirl said...

@all - sorry for the delayed response. have been a little distracted lately :( And have not yet tried to go back to gym ... just trying to get Coal safely thru the week. Somehow being annoyed about such a trival thing seems so far away and I kinda look forward to worrying about such minor things again in the future ;)

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