Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Recovering Slowly

So, I realised yesterday that the year had started off with two unprecedented weekend posts. It won't happen again. But it felt warranted at the time.

I'm slowly recovering from the loss of my little bunny girl, Bell. It may seem strange that it has affected me so much, but to be fair, she was my first every pet of my very own where I was "mom", you know. I was nervous to go home yesterday afternoon. After work is traditionally bunny-play-time where I let them loose in the garden and sit and spend time with them. This would be the first afternoon without Bell. It was actually manageable. Playing with Henna and Coal is very distracting and good to remind me that I still have adorable little pets that need my love and attention so all is not lost. I do keep seeing the worst image of Bell in my head tho ... the one from when I rushed outside after hearing the plank of wood fall and she was pinned underneath. Sigh. Now that I could do without.

Otherwise, the evening was pretty uneventful: Dinner, Series and a laze in the bath with the longest book ever!

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Anonymous said...

I totally understand how you feel. We lost our German Shepard cross, Sammy, last year. It was super hard!

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