Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello, Anybody Out There?

Sigh. I am not okay. I'm bored. And I'm boring. I dunno, I seem to be in a rut. But I know it's me who's put myself there. I'm in a routine ... and as a Taurean, I do love my routines :) But I feel like I'm in limbo really (this all may end up contradicting itself, but I don't really understand how I feel exactly, so bear with me please). Like I packed myself into a box and now I'm waiting. Don't ask me what I'm waiting for, I have no idea.

I go thru these phases every so often. I'm an organiser. But when I stop organising somehow things in my life seem to come to a complete stand-still. No one I know picks up the slack ... so I end up not doing very much. Which is oddly fine by me. It's boring, but I just don't feel like I have the energy to do much lately anyway ... other than go to work, go to gym (although have been equally bad at that lately), play with my darling bunnies, veg in front of some new series episodes and make dinner each night. That is my life. I'm not excited by anything at the moment. Nothing captures my attention. People aren't interesting to me lately either.

I feel like I've given up and now am going thru the motions of life. It is a dull place to be. My world has gotten very small. Sigh. Almost thought it was a Monday there, huh? Anyway, as described above, last night was much the same as every other night. Although I skipped gym (was going to go later with Varen but then he wasn't in the mood ... it's damn hard to get motivated to go to gym after 7pm at night!) and made a yummy Apricot Chicken dish for dinner. That's all. Riveting, eh?


BioniKat said...

Philly, Everybody's lives are boring to themselves at some time (or a lot of the time). Maybe you just need to start a small hobby other than the cooking or watching tv. We are definitely out here and I always open your blog to see what you're up to. Tell us about something that happened at work or gym - interactions between people are always interesting, tell us about your observations of life.

po said...

I feel in a similar situation. But I think it is just a phase. you will get a burst of energy sometime, and start being active agian. i think you are just in a low phase. hopefully!

Unknown said...

coI'll take boring at this stage. Want to swop?

boldly benny said...

I go through phases like this, I guess we all do. I told MM that I want to do exciting things this year, out of the ordinary because I often feel like I've hit ruts and MM and I often feel boring.

But I guess sometimes I like the boring and routine.

I agree with momcat, hobbies help - something to give to offer a new focus. And if you can, try to do something normal differently. Like go shopping at a different centre. Try a different route home - silly little differences can sometimes add some spice!

Tamara said...

You may be bored, but I wouldn't say you're boring!

That's good advice from Benny. I must remember it when I'm feelign how you do now.

here's wishing that something exciting and awesome happens for you this week!

phillygirl said...

@momcat - yeah, you're right :) after this mornings post I started to plan some things and am already feeling a little more upbeat :)

@po - yeah, I think everyone goes thru this from time to time. I just wish when I backed off and "hibernated" someone else picked up the slack and organised stuff for me to get me back to real life ... but I'm slowly starting to organise again and become sociable :)

@glugster - haha. grass is greener and all that, eh?

@benny - I also sometimes like the boring routine ... I guess I also feel so boring because tiny little things like trying new recipes have been the highlights of my days ... which can't be interesting to read about, I'm sure ;)

@tamara - thanks hon.

@all - booked myself a weekend in Cape Town with my family a few hours after posting this morning ... starting to feel better already!

Louisa said...

Everyone needs a bit of down time Phillygirl - don't be too hard on yourself, you'll snap out of it soon, you'll see.

Laura said...

Glad you are feeling a little better!

This does happen though! Life just becomes the same old same old until you shake it up a bit!

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