Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not Thrilled

Yesterday was fine. Went to gym - am beginning to wonder if my sinus has something to do with swimming. I woke up at 4am coughing and spluttering again :( There is some good news tho, I made my first repeat meal from my personal new-year-new-recipes challenge ... which means that a little later there'll be a recipe with pictures up for you :) I made the Thai-style Pumpkin and Chicken Prawn soup (this time I used frozen prawns instead of the chicken and it worked well).

Also on the plus side is that the new episode of The Digital Edge came out yesterday, and I'm featured on there reading their weekly Top 10 :) I haven't had a listen yet myself ... but it is on my iPod in a long list of podcasts to listen to while braving the Jozi traffic to and from work this week. It's very exciting for me because it's their first "guest" Top 10 spot :)

On the down side, I feel like Varen & I are existing on different shifts. I leave in the morning while he's still sleeping. He gets home in time for dinner, if I'm lucky, and then still stays up till well after I'm in bed and asleep. Who knows what he got up to last night, I don't think it was work, but I think his schedule has been so blown by the past week & half of late nights spent working and doing Unisa assignments that he just couldn't come to bed. This does not put me in a marvelous mood. Firstly because I feel like I barely get to see him. Second because I feel like I'm the only one who is looking after the bunnies (aside from him re-filling their food bowls in the mornings) and making sure they get time to run around in the garden in daylight. And thirdly because I feel like I am the only one putting any effort in to make sure we actually eat something more than just toast for dinner. Alright, he made us both lunch on Sunday evening for yesterday - it was so sweet, I got 2 droëwors sticks in my lunch box too :) And last night he did put the left over soup into tupperware for our lunches later today ... but that was on request.

Now I know, he's been working really hard lately, and he can't wait to get to the new job where hopefully things will be a bit better. But I work too, and I go to gym and I make dinner. Sigh. I hope we can get onto a more similar schedule again soon ... we go thru this and get out of sync too often, it's exhausting.


Janine / Being Brazen said...

Hope you and Varen get better schedules.

Feel better :)

Tamara said...

I know this feeling so well. Since TSC has started varsity, I've been doing most of the chores, cooking and care-taking, just to try to have more time to spend together when he's home and finished studying. And I really don't mind it - it's a chance to actively show him that I love him. BUT... I do wish he would at least offer to help. Not expect me to do everything. I don't like having to ask him or nag him to do small things like take his ironed shirts off the laundry table and pack them away. Last night it was me working late to make a freelance deadline. And I just wanted him to show me the same courtesy I try to show him. Men... they are wired differently.

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