Friday, March 27, 2009

Things I Covet

Okay, so yesterday was one month till my birthday ... so here are a few of the things I'm thinking of, although they mostly probably fall into the "too-expensive-so-it'll-have-to-be-your-last-gift-for-life" category tho ;) I'm not expecting any of it ... but if I had a bankload of cash that I felt safe enough to just spend frivolously without thought or consideration of tomorrow, then this is where the money would go :)

1. A Red Blackberry Curve
Because it's soo cute. And I could get it ... but I am not the sort of girl, or geek (for that matter), who spends an excessive amount of cash on gadgetry. I got my laptop for about 5&half K in December, I CAN NOT justify spending about the same on a teeny tiny phone ... especially when a) I have one that works fine b) I have one that I only charge every two weeks c) I already have a perfectly good digital camera d) I doubt I really need to spend *more* time online. So yeah, I could get one. But I'm not going to. Which is why this would make the ideal gift. Pity I'm not expecting 500 of my nearest and dearest to club together on a gift otherwise this could be perfect ;)

2. A Suzuki Sby4
Yes, that's my ridiculous nickname for the SX4 ... you know like as in 4x4, 4by4. It's also such a cute little car. I mean if I were thinking of trading in my little C2, I think this would be what I get. That said ... if this were really just a wishful thinking post (without a scrap of my practical nature), then I'd probably be looking at Jeeps or Land Rovers ... or who knows, probably something without a top. But I am a little too much of a practical-thinker so I don't even know what my first choice would be in the too-too-expensive range cause they're just so far out of my league right now. And look, it's also cute & red in the picture, it'll match my wished-for blackberry :)

3. A New Giant Bunny Hutch
Our very cool double-storey hutch is great ... aside from the fact that Coal & Lily are gnawing on the edges and the bars :( Also, with Coal being a standard rabbit and not a dwarf, it makes me too concerned about space issues at the moment to consider getting a 3rd bunny :( They spend all day while I'm at work in the hutch and they sleep in the hutch, there needs to be enough space! Okay so those gorgeous hutches on the right are a mere GBP189.99 ... which is only around R2500. Wonder what the shipping would be. I might have to seriously look into this! Because ... I'd love to get myself a little Rexy and a Siamese :)

4. Milla Dark Pink by Vanilla Concrete
Isn't this just the cutest little fantastical creature? I think she's lovely :) Maybe this should be my gift to myself ... since I couldn't get that rusty rabbit :(

5. More Australian Women's Weekly Cookbooks
I am loving these little cookbooks, currently I prefer the mini ones to the big ones ... but after a browse round their site, there are loads of their full-sized ones I want!

Okay, 5 sounds like a nice number to end off on :) And now I have something for you. I was recently approached by the nice folks at Deals on Meals and given a few complimentary cards.
I'd like to give two of my lucky readers one each.

So here's the thing, if you don't know about Deals on Meals yet and you like to eat out and try new restaurants, definitely head over to their site and check it out. They have an awesome list of participating restaurants, and I can't wait to try them all with my handy card granting me the cheaper of 2 main meals for free, up to a limit that is set by each participating restaurant. Sound like something you wanna be a part of? Then leave me a comment telling me why you deserve this card. I'm really looking to give it to people who are going to make the most of them and who will be, like me, eager to try out all the restaurants currently listed.


Thomas said...

I deserve the card because the attendant at BP Frouways accidentally charged R4500 to my garage card and I have no money until they reverse it, and that's taking a while.

Worse still the rent is due in a few days:) lol

boldly benny said...

Nice list! Have you ever tried Donna Hay? She's like Australia's answer to Martha Stewart. I have one of her cook books and I am addicted to it!

The Women's Weekly books are fab.

Anonymous said...

Oooh. I'd love this!

Because, you know, J and I am trying to do more things together other than just renting movies every weekend. :)

BTW My dream car? The Suzuki Jitney.I want one so bad!!

ZK said...

I deserve it becuase being from Durban i need to try some new unchartered regions of Jhb, and because whats food with out good friends...i definitely need to treat those who have made the transition to jhb with love and good food :)

6000 said...

I deserve it simply because I am me.
And I'm not going to win a SABA - again.

kyknoord said...

It's a good thing you don't covet your neighbour's ass. I understand that sort of thing is frowned upon.

The Jackson Files said...

I deserve the card because I get to eat out so rarely that every single time is a friggin EVENT for me.

Nielfa Hanifa said...

I'm in CT, so even if I do deserve the card, I can't exactly use it. Oh well!

But I do hope you get BlackBerry... I upgraded recently and got one. Not a red one though, but I managed to find a neon-blue protective cover for it. Looks funky and it's a great gadget indeed, I'm posting this comment from it right now :)

AngelConradie said...

Thats a friggin fantastic list!

Bluebabe said...

About that rabbit hatch...

We live on the Garden Route but we are in Jhb for family every now and again.

Errol is really handy and can make anything out of anything so send the specs and we can talk.

The advantage is that he has bred rabbits when he was younger so he is aware of all their need regarding materials to use and finishing off so that they don't get hurt.

phillygirl said...

@kyknoord - haha. Not ass-coveting here ;)

@neilfa - yeah, such a pity they're not valid in Cape Town, my dad would just LOVE one of them :) Hmmm ... Blackberry envy.

@angel - thanks, hon. Missed you on Saturday.

@bluebabe - that sounds fabulous :) Please mail me (gladtobeagirl AT gmail DOT com) cause I have no way of getting in touch with you ... Is quite large tho, so not sure if you could manage to get it up here yourselves, but we can discuss!

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