Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Winners Announced

Okay so first up ... the winners of the Deals on Meals cards :) Thomas (boy does that not sound like a fun experience!) and ZK (that definitely sounds like a wonderful use of the card!). So if you two would kindly email me on gladtobeagirl AT gmail DOT com, with your postal address, I will send you your prize :)

Other than that, not much exciting going on. I am hoping to book at what looks like a gorgeous spot for my birthday weekend away :) Excited. It's a bit further away than I was hoping (5hrs) but all the best places seem to be! Let me just say ... it's on an island. Tee hee.

Listened to yesterday's Digital Edge podcast this morning on my way into work. It is quite peculiar to listen to oneself recorded and played back. And it was quite cool to listen to some familiar voices. I did find it quite amusing that the boys are all blogging under their real names (usually ending in a .com) and saying it's all about ego. Yet all 3 of the girl's interviewed were using pseudonyms :) Wonder what that says about things ...? Just brings me back to what I've always thought: Girls blog differently than boys do (on majority). Oh, and if you haven't listened to it yet ... it's worth it just for @saulkza's spoof of the DA radio advert, advertising The Digital Edge for the SA Blog Awards. Hysterical :)

And last night I think I made my best ever crustless quiche for dinner. It was delish!


The Jackson Files said...

Apropos nothing, but I am going to make your Thai soup for my supper tonight. 'll let you know how it goes.

AngelConradie said...

I listened to the podcast- it was very interesting and funny in places.

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