Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Writer's Block

I am oddly not in the mood for writing. I have been writing a lengthy post in the background which is rather draining and I'm not even sure I'll end up posting it ... sometimes it's good just to write it down and get it out of your system tho, you know? As an attachment to that same post I'm trying to narrow down my list of recommended blogs to vote for in the SA Blog Awards. Which is hard ... because there are 10 blogs (most of which I've never laid eyes on) in each category ... and I hadn't even set out to pick a recommendation in each category. It's just taking so long and so far I haven't even found anyone new to follow. Disappointing.

What else is new? Oooh, I had a surprise interview with The Digital Edge yesterday afternoon for their "Blogger Episode". I'd chatted with them the week before when I was recording the Top 10 for them and recommended a few good bloggers I thought they should chat to. I never expected I'd be one of them. So now you guys are going to have to listen to their podcast again next Monday when "the Blogger Episode" is available to hear me interviewed ... I still haven't gotten to this week's one or heard myself doing their Top 10 yet ... I am still busy with podcast 5 of 17 for this week so far ;)

In other fabulous news, Varen came home at a reasonable hour last night. I have a quandry for tonight tho ... I was thinking that we could go out somewhere nice for dinner, but then I arrived to an email this morning reminding me that our monthly poker game (which I thought everyone had forgotten due to lack of emails) was, in fact, on for this evening. Now what to do? I missed last month's poker night because it was organised so last minute as well. Maybe I should go and let him have some free time at home and we can go to dinner this weekend instead :)


Anonymous said...

Or you two can spend some time together because you guys don't see each other as much because of his hectic shedule. :)

That's what I'd do anyway.

I'm also suffering from writers block. *sigh* It totally sucks!

Adele said...

Agree with you on the SA Blog Awards. I find the voting process for this year very frustrating. I want to be able to vote for only those blogs I read!

phillygirl said...

@jane - yeah, I'm going to poker after all ... I gave Varen the option and he said he had loads to do trying to organise a bachelor party for next weekend ... and half the people haven't rsvp-ed yet!

@adele - if only it were that easy :) I guess that's what the nomination stage is for.

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