Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Another New Restaurant

Okay, so Varen is only actually having his cat scanned today ... do you know how many jokes he's made about this as well as his lab(rador) results. Seriously folks. The silliness continues :) Anyhoo, turns out you have to find a specialist to say you need the scan in order for Discovery to authorise it and you need authorisation before you can book. You also need to stop eating & drinking 6 hours before and instead have a glass of this foul liquorice-smelling liquid every half hour before. It looks so much easier in House :P

Anyhoo, so it's booked for today. Wonder how long the results take ... finger's crossed it doesn't involve any immediate hospitalisation because I have my heart set on us spending Easter long-weekend in Jeffrey's Bay with my folks!

Last night we finally put my Deals on Meals card to good use and ate at hanna b. in Greenside. The food was superb and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. They had a DJ playing some great background music that wasn't at all invasive (which is what I sort of expected on seeing the tiny venue and the table with sound equipment!). The restaurant has a lovely vibe. So back to the food :) I started with the Pecan Coated Chicken while Varen had the Crostini. Mine was definitely too much to start with. And if you like mushrooms, apparently the Crostini is delish (I could smell the mushrooms across the table!). Varen says he'd order it again. My main was my favourite thing. I was trying to decide between one of their specials (Chicken Trinchado, one of my favourites when made properly!) and the Grilled Sole. I went with the Sole cause it sounded so interesting: On a bed of lentils and served with rocket, lemon wedges, avocado and peppers. It was so yummy! I would highly recommend this to everyone. The flavours worked so well together! Varen had the Lamb Chops for mains and it was just exactly what he wanted. A good meal all round :)

Anyhoo, when we paid we used our Deals on Meals card. It saved us about a 7th of the bill, which we ended up turning into the tip, so I'm not entirely sure if it's worth it yet ... but I guess every saving at a different restaurant adds up. Aside from the fact that you're eating out more than usual because you think you're saving. The premise on the Deals on Meals site is this: Deals on Meals is a concept whereby the cardholder gets the cheaper of 2 main meals for free, up to a limit that is set by each participating restaurant. Which is all fine and well, but most restaurants seem to have set the saving limit between R50 and R80. Which really means you pretty much end up with one free starter. I do think it's great for encouraging people to try new restaurants tho. All the restaurants I've picked for April (while my complimentary card is valid) are ones we've never eaten at before ... which is the best part in my opinion :)

Ps. I uploaded some new photos of the boons enjoying their bale and corn with yesterday's post. Check it out :)


boldly benny said...

Hanna-b is just fab, the food is YUM! I think it's great that you're trying new spots. I love going out to eat and new restaurants are always exciting.

Love the bun pics xx

Tamara said...

Good grief... I leave the blogosphere for a few days and I miss out on such a hectic time in your life! Sorry to hear about Varen's cysts and such. Must've been scary. Hope all is well after the CT scan.

Jeffrey's Bay... I'm jealous. Glad your first "proper" Deals on Meals experience was a good one ;-)

phillygirl said...

@benny - yep, I love trying out new restaurants!

@tamara - shoo, you did miss a bit of a hectic week ;) Glad you're back tho!

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