Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter in JBay

Easter is over :( But I had a lovely time. BrotherSwoop came over on Wednesday evening to house & bunny sit for the weekend and the 3 of us went to try a new sushi spot. Yum. I completely forget the name (something Chinese maybe?) but it's in the Newscafe Center behind the Malibongwe MacDonalds. Try it. Although, I will say that I much much prefer sushi-go-rounds to ordering sushi straight off a menu. I like to see it before I choose. Not only that, I like variety and having a plate of 8 pieces of the same does not spell wonderment for me. But last Wednesday night it worked out perfectly, I choose a selection for the three of us to share and it was perfect :)

Varen & I left at 3am on Thursday morning. I am so lucky the boy just loves to drive. I got to sleep for at least a few more hours :) And we munched on the delish sarmies I made us. We arrived in Jeffrey's Bay shortly after my folks at just after 1pm.

The weekend was a whirlwind. We stayed in Varen's folks house and did a fair amount of relaxing. We read our books, watched DStv (a luxury for Varen who soaks up as much Discovery Channel as he can), took long walks on the beach and ate ... A LOT! The weather on Friday was overcast, but Saturday was perfect. All of us except Varen had a lovely swim in the sea. It was divine ... aside from all the sand in my costume :P Then Sunday was windy as all hell.

We tried two of the local restaurants while there, De Viswijf and Die Walskipper (Jeffrey's Bay was surprisingly Afrikaans!).

De Viswijf comes with quite a cool little story about how it got it's name :) I had their squid heads to start with ... and luckily Daddio warned me that local squid heads are a far sight larger than the teeny little (imported) ones I'm used to from Ocean Basket, cause these were huge in comparison. but yummy :) Then I had 12 prawns. I had to, I was on holiday at the sea. And then somehow we convinced ourselves we still had enough space left for dessert ... we didn't really, but I had a Malva Pudding anyway :) Boy was I stuffed after all that!

Die Walskipper is an interesting little spot, unfortunately we got tucked away right inside so couldn't enjoy the view. But they have great decor for an on-the-beach rustic restaurant. It is, however, insanely overpriced (you have to pay extra R8 for tartar sauce with your Calamari or Garlic Butter with your prawns?!?!). Still the food was good. I had a Walskipper Special with Prawns, Calamari, Scallops, Mussels and Crabsticks. To be fair, I didn't eat the Mussels or the Crabsticks (kinda weird to have processed Crab on a plate with fresh seafood, plus it was barely a portion so I didn't feel I was missing out). I also could've done without the 2 Scallops that acoompanied my meal. I will say that as a purely Calamari & Prawn combo, it was delish :) They do another weird thing where you meal "comes with" bread, jam and pate. It was not my idea of fun. Although I did enjoy the bread to finish off Varen's garlic snails sauce :) Somehow we ended up ordering dessert *again* (seriously, I never usually have dessert!), but who can resist koeksisters? :)

So, I had a good weekend. But I will say I'm not in a rush to head back there anytime soon. It may have a better walking beach than Plett (in my opinion), but I will never understand why someone would own a holiday house a more than 10 hour drive away. Especially as I'm not a surfer. If you're a surfer then it sorta makes sense. Was lovely to see the folks again tho ... too short as always, but I'll take what I can get :) (photo on the right is the sunset as we drove home)

Yesterday evening we arrived home at around 18h30. We had a bit of a petrol-incident in the morning, running completely dry 5kms outside of Cradock (on the left is the view I had while waiting for Varen to return with petrol!). Varen was very lucky to get a lift to the petrol station and back (although on the way back he did walk quite a way before getting a lift!). Both times with police who were very helpful. It's surprisingly uplifting to have good police-experiences :)

I can't believe how much I missed my girls, Coal & Lily while we were away. I found a photo in my email inbox when we got home of our darling little Rex. Isn't she/he (not sure yet?!) adorable. I think I will *have* to get her. Didn't sleep much last night as my brain came up with new ideas for the larger hutch ... :) Awww.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!

I see you're reading Escape. Can't wait to read your review.

One other book you should also look into is The perks of being a wallflower. It would be interesting to see what you think of it. :)

The Jackson Files said...

that.bunny.is.so.CUTE. see you soon.

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