Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

All is not well between demon-magnet Bella and Edward Cullen, her vampire Romeo. An innocent papercut at Edward's house puts Bella in grave danger when various members of the Cullen family can barely resist their hunger at the smell of blood. The Cullens promptly leave town, afraid of endangering Edward's beloved, and Bella sinks into an overwhelming depression. Months later, she finally emerges from her funk to rebuild her life, focusing on her friendship with besotted teen Jacob from the reservation. Bella's unhealthy enthrallment to Edward leads her into dangerous and self-destructive behavior despite her new friends, and supernatural complications are bound to reappear. Bella's being hunted by an evil vampire, and Jacob's adolescent male rage turns out to be incipient lycanthropy: It seems many Quileute Indians become werewolves in the presence of vampires, their natural enemies. Psychic miscommunications and angst-ridden dramatic gestures lead to an exciting page-turner of a conclusion drenched in the best of Gothic romantic excess. Despite Bella's flat and obsessive personality, this tale of tortured demon lovers entices.

Okay, so let's be honest ... if this were the first book, there wouldn't even have been a second. Yawn. Look, I like Jacob, and to be fair what was coming was hugely obvious ... since (hello!) the "surprise twist" is written in the back cover write up above. And their relationship that was developing was great ... but, it just really fell short for me (the book in general, not their relationship, that was one of the few good things).
Throwing werewolves into the mix was one step too far for me. I mean Bella can somehow easily accept that the love of her life is a vampire but the fact that she was even remotely surprised by it, just plain annoyed me.

There was one other teeny tiny part of the story I liked ... and I remain hopeful that it becomes a huge giant awesome part of the future story (can't give it away here ... although I think I may actually be the last person *in the world* to be reading these books!). I've heard the first & the third books are the really good ones tho, so I hold out hope and will keep reading ... next month when I get the next installment from book club ;)

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The Divine Miss M said...

You're not the last person, I actually bought them all so not only have read them but own all 4 ;)

3 is fun but 4 is utter crap.

You enjoying the whole equating sex with vamparism and how you can not do it before getting married?

Great fun!!

Unknown said...

Hah, I found book 2 way better than book 1, I read the first book and thought geez this series is over-rated and over-hyped, but had already ordered book 2 from the library so when it came thought what the hell, and was pleasantly surprised and really wanted to read the next installment. So my opinion is the opposite to yours lol. Divine Miss M I liked book 4 :P just finished it this weekend, thought the conclusion to the story was nice.

tanyadeville said...

i've read the whole series... and am very "meh" about it...

i will probably read it again a few times in the future... but i don't LOVE the series, like Harry Potter... its an entertaining story... but a lot of the stuff irritates me...

and i think edward is a prat! :)

Anonymous said...

I liked New Moon but I also enjoyed Eclipse more. :)

In this book I kept waiting for her to get angrier, and furious. Instead she runs back to him like an idiot. I wanted her to get really angry! haha

Anonymous said...

Loved the first one...have to get the rest! Sounds brilliant.

phillygirl said...

@missm - oh no, I did not even notice the equating sex with vampirism ... but now that you mention it - hahahahaha! brilliant!

@the - I heard there's going to be a 5th book ... so not quite the conclusion just yet?

@tanyadeville - yeah, so far it's not something I want to own (like the Harry Potter series), but I've still gotta read it ;)

@jane - Oh I know, she just gave up and forgave him way too easily. But since I suspend reality while reading it's okay by me ... otherwise I'd have plenty wrong - seriously, is anyone ever really "go half way round the world" in love with someone at 17?!

@livingladolcevita - definitely!

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