Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dinner Disasters

Nothing exciting to report. Varen's first exam seemed to go well yesterday :) He's got his 2nd today, so finger's crossed for that one too.

Since he was studying, I made dinner. Which ended up tasting fine but didn't quite go according to plan. I hate it when they don't give you an indication of what sort of pot/pan you should be using. They refer to a saucepan, which to me means "pot" ... well it did until they started talking about cooking the chicken strips in there. Hello? In a pot. Out comes the frying-pan (skillet?). Then everything goes back into the pot for "simmering with the lid on" (I don't have a lid for my pan). Eventually everything went back into the pan regardless of no lib because, well, it was a stew not a soup and with no stirring for 20 minutes left it getting a bit sticky onto the bottom of the pot. Eurgh. Sigh. And then to top it off I was sposed to make dumplings which are supposed to start out submerged and then rise. Hello? It's a stew, there was too much veg and what not to even remotely submerge the dumplings. And then once it was all back in the pan, there was certainly no where for anything to rise to. All of this puts me into a terrible mood and is usually when I give up and walk out of the kitchen. Sigh. Varen rescued dinner and my chicken and vegetable stew with herb dumplings ended up tasting fine in the end. Even I'll say the dumplings were quite yum. Good and stodgy - Mom, you missed out ;)

And then I was craving something sweet ... but we had nothing in the house (I find it's easier to not keep any chocolate or sweet-stuff around the house or it just get's eaten too fast!). So Varen & I swung by the MacD's drive thru (in our PJs) and grabbed flake-cones :) Yum yum.

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