Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Positive Monday

Only Tuesday. Do these weeks seem horrifically long to all of you too? I am struggling against the mundanity of life at the moment. I think I need to start planning this year's trip. It's not going to be a big 3-week one like it usually is, so Varen & I were thinking Madagascar for 10 days - 2 weeks. Might be a bit long just to see some lemurs and do some scuba diving tho. Still thinking. Any ideas / suggestions? The idea this year is not to be too extravagant. We want a decent holiday some where that isn't going to cost a fortune to a) get there and b) stay there (Sadly that ruled out my Siberian Railway and Peru ideas ... but Peru is firmly on my cards for 2010 - finger's crossed). The other problem is I've been to just about all the nearby African countries. So finding a not-budget-blowing destination is tricky. I've been to all of them in the last 5 years so am not quite ready to be heading back just yet.

Other than that I had a lovely Monday night at home yesterday. Got my gym outta the way. Had my shrink appointment and left feeling great and more positive than I have in a while :) And then I got home to find Varen midway thru making us Minestrone soup for dinner. The new plan is that he'll make one meal a week and I'll make one meal a week. I know that doesn't quite add up to seven - haha! But I figure the "work week" has 4 evenings (Mon - Thurs). Inevitably we end up going out and doing something on one of the nights, which means we need to cook for 3 of them. But then if I plan meals and purchase ingredients that are going to go off if not used, I feel like I'm confining myself if a last minute plan pops up. Either the food goes off (what a waste!) or I don't go (equally a waste!). So we just whip up something quick and easy on the 3rd night if nothing comes up. It's working for us :)

So, the soup. It was truly delish. I can't wait to finish it off for lunch today :) Think I'll have to make some more of my Ostrich Chili soup again soon too ... yum yum. I do love soup :)


boldly benny said...

Please be sure to sing "I like to move it, move it!" if you make it to Madagascar! ha ha!

How about Reunion? I've heard that it is awesome.

Tamara said...

Have you checked out the flight specials at Flight Centre?

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